A young syrian women is fed up with the fundamentalists and decides to do an intervention where she dances dressed in a mans clothes. She has to flee and arrives in the Nordic countries where she develops her dance. She notices that her dance can soothe the wonds if loss in her fellow people. But will she get a permit of residence at all and will she grab the opportunity to do a solo at the city theatre?

  • Anna Maria Joakimsdottir-Hutri
    Best short film director 2017 WIFT
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  • Anna Maria Joakimsdottir-Hutri
Writer Biography - Anna Maria Joakimsdottir-Hutri

“Since 2003 Anna Maria works as a film and theatre director and scriptwriter in film, TV and stages in Finland. She’s directed commercials for Also Starring, movies for Helsinki-filmi Oy, children’s drama for the Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE and both classical and non-traditional plays for the stage.
Her films have been founded by national Nordic funds such as the Finnish Film Foundation, the Finnish Film Institute and the Swedish Film Institute. Her TV dramas have been co-produced by YLE and the Swedish Broadcasting Company SVT. (see filmography)

Anna Maria has a MA in Theater and Dramaturgy from The Art University in Helsinki and a second MA in Film Directing and New Media as well as a BA in Art Photography from the Aalto University. She was born in Reykjavik to her Icelandic father and Danish mother. She grew up in Sweden’s west coast and in –97 she moved to Finland to study art. Today she lives in Stockholm, but can easily work in all Nordic countries.”

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Writer Statement

I want to make a cool film about courageous women that feel sincere and true. Inanna has the courage to rebel as an activist and take the consequences - she is forced to become a refugee as she is threatened to death in her country. I also want to make a film about how courage can get lost and must be found by the help of true friends.
The story is also a classical love. I rather want the story to be a perfect framework for the great movement material and choreography we will explore in the movie. It is not a musical but there will be great music with cool dance scenes in them with contemporary sounds from the middle eastern and western pop. My ambition is as far as possible integrate the dance sequences into the narrative so that they always feel like a natural part of the storytelling. Eventually I will be working with professional choreographer Benke Rydman to create the incredible movement material in the film.

Moreover I think there are too few films that take up the freedom act with a muslim woman as a strong expressive character with a powerful integrity. I want to give a picture of an muslim woman standing up for herself and taking charge of her own destiny whatever it might show to be. This human rights narrative has a strong ambition to use contemporary dance as a vital part of the film by using the element of dace and the power of dance to inspire and empower the audience.