The InTONATION International Contest-Festival of Students Works of Rising Sound Designers is held every year aiming at demonstration and evaluation of the SPbGIKiT students’ and professors’ creative achievements as well as students from Russian and foreign schools of Cinematography and Television.

Objectives and tasks:
- professional training development of students majoring in the Sound Designing of Audiovisual Arts;
- aesthetic beauty development and guidance implementation in the sphere of training specialists for Cinematography and Television aiming at public interest benefits and creative self-actualization of a person;
- professional skills advancement facilitation for students and academic teaching staff in the State Federal-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television under the specialist training course in the Sound Directing of Audiovisual Arts;
- international relationships strengthening, creative and professional contacts increase, experience and ideas exchange between creative workshops, film schools and students in Russia and other countries;
- public attention drawing to young generation’s creativity - rising professionals of Cinematography and Television;
- young cinema support and its social and cultural status formation. Discovery and promotion of the most talented and perspective students and academic teachers.

The InTONATION Festival programme:
- Competition programme includes short narrative films, documentaries and animated films performed by students during their education process.
- Debut student works competition (debut work – the first work filmed during the education process, usually on the 1st or 2nd year of study).
- Non-competition shows of student works from film schools.

- Grand Prix (is given to a Director of a film and Sound Designer);
- Prize for the best work of a Sound Designer in fiction film;
- Prize for the best work of a Sound Designer in non-fiction film;
- Prize for the best work of a Sound Designer in animated film;
- Prize for the best Sound Designer debut;
- Audience Award;
- Special Jury Prize for Identity named after Gregory Frank;
- Special Jury Prize for Expression of Sound Design named after Boris Andreyev;
- Special Jury Prizes.

If a prize-winner of the InTONATION Festival has no opportunity to get his/her prize during the closing ceremony, the prize can be given to the winner after the Festival completion in the Organizing Committee. The prize can be given to members of a creative group of the winning film.

1. The InTONATION Festival admits to participation films of students and trainees of SPbGIKiT and foreign film schools (films made during the education process, as well as yearly works and graduation works), which have not been submitted to the InTONATION Festivals before. It is allowed to submit to the InTONATION Festival not more than two works for each nomination from one student majoring in the Sound Designing of Audiovisual Arts.
2. Film length shall not be more than 30 minutes. The films are registered by the Organizing Committee of the InTONATION Festival according to the registration forms filled in by the authors and agreed upon with the leader of a creative student workshop on Sound Designing.
3. Films submitted to the InTONATION Festival participation shall have captions and copyright in compliance with the established rules.
4. Films submitted to the InTONATION Festival participation are considered by the Organizing Committee.
5. Films selected and not selected by the Organizing Committee shall not be reviewed.
6. Date, show time and place in the competition programme of a selected film are defined by the Organizing Committee of the InTONATION Festival.