The In/Out Film & Video Festival is proud to present short videos (10min or less) in conjunction with a symposium on socially-engaged art co-presented by Moore College of Art & Design and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. This year’s festival theme is Ethics/Attention/Intention.

We seek short videos in any genre that capture these themes. Submissions could include documentaries, profiles of socially-engaged art projects grappling with these themes, animations or fiction based on the narrative exploration these themes, and experimental meditations on one or all of the themes. The program curated from no-cost submissions to our page on will be curated by faculty and graduate students from the Social & Studio Practices department at Moore.

The results will be a 1 hour program presented to an audience of 150-200 curators, students, artists, and educators on the occasion of our summer symposium “In/Out: Ethics, Attention, and Intention in Socially-Engaged Art” in Philadelphia from July 22-23, 2016.

Best in Show!!!

Entries should not exceed 10 minutes in duration.

All submissions are screened and evaluated by the faculty and graduate students from the Social & Studio Practices department at Moore College of Art & Design.

No fees are required to participate.

Participation in the festival grants us the authorization to show the entered film at our Symposium.

- Films accepted can be shorts, documentaries, animation, fiction or narratives.


- Each entry must be submitted In DVD format OR secure online viewing FilmFreeway.

- Label each film with your name, address, telephone number, and film title.

FEEDBACK: Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to provide individualized feedback to filmmakers at this time.

We strongly encourage you to submit the most complete version of your film possible. We cannot guarantee that replacement cuts will be viewed.

Have additional questions about submitting? Please email;

Overall Rating
  • mohammad hassan arjmandi

    thank you for your festival

    August 2016
  • The communication was (overall) good, and she was very nice, but sadly, that's where my positive experience ends.
    I understood when I submitted that this was a symposium at a college, which was actually a perfect fit for my film, as it was made as an academic project covering a subject debated in the ethical world. However, this is not a film festival, and they probably should change their name unless they want to join the ranks of festivals and perform as one.
    I got the notification (twice) that my film was a semi finalist, yet there was literally nothing that we got out of it. My film was not screened, we received no Official Selection/Semi Finalist laurels, there is no website specific to the screenings naming the films that were Semi finalists, screened, or even what film won, so how exactly is that supposed to benefit us? It was explained that somehow that filmmakers were able to "add semi-finalist to their list of accolades." Really? Not only did you not provide the very basics, you didn't even bother to announce anything, so I could just as easily say that my film won, and no one would know any better. So no, I did NOT list this in my films accolades, official selections, or anywhere else, because there is no accolade. It is totally worthless, because you have made it so by not doing the very basics. If you're going to call yourself a festival, then you need to behave like a festival.

    August 2016
  • My Film was selected as semi-final and so what?.. I do not understand. Please explain it.

    July 2016