Filmmaker? Youth? Indigenous? Between the ages 15-30? Do you want to screen your film at the 2016 Asinabka Festival?

The Asinabka Film & Media Arts Festival & the Digi60 Ottawa Filmmakers' Festival are partnering to offer the "InDigi60: Indigenous Youth Film Contest."

This is a contest for Indigenous youth (First Nation, Métis, Inuit), to create a film under 5 minutes in length, on the “Catch” or “Theme” of: A Sense of Place. This can be interpreted in different ways (for example: in a town, on a lake, in a house, on a soccer field, in a graveyard, on a boat, etc.) Why is this place important? In what ways does your film show or demonstrate a sense of place?

Indigenous Youth in rural or urban areas, first time filmmakers, or those with only access to using Smartphone’s or non-professional equipment are all encouraged to apply.


Currently in our 5th year of programming, the mandate of the Asinabka Festival is to present an annual Indigenous film and media arts festival in the Nations Capital that allows independent artists - national, international, Indigenous, non-Indigenous - to share, present, and disseminate their work.

The Asinabka Festival aims to highlight works that examine Indigenous issues and topics; to support media artists and filmmakers; to promote Indigenous cultures and languages; to educate people about First Nations, Metis, and Inuit issues in Canada, and about Indigenous issues internationally; to provide a space where Indigenous peoples can tell their own stories and see their own cultures reflected back at them; to entertain, to be innovative, and to present the best in Indigenous.


Digi60 was created in 2004 as a grass roots independent filmmakers festival in the city of Ottawa, to provide opportunities for those entering into the emerging digital film market by offering a location to screen short films. Based on a "catch" and a 60 day timeline, the screenings quickly grew in to a exciting annual festival that gave filmmakers the opportunity to build their skills, challenge themselves, and to become a part of the film industry.

It has expanded from a short film catch festival to including documentary films, community cooperation with post-secondary schools, and workshop skills building through independent film and video community partnerships.

At Digi60, our mandate has maintained two important premises: to create opportunities for new and emerging filmmakers to create and screen their work and network with other filmmakers; and to create opportunities for the participants of the Festival to enter the filmmaking industry.

The Digi60 Ottawa Digital Filmmakers' Festival is a registered not-for-profit incorporation.

12 winning films will be selected to screen during the Asinabka Festival (Ottawa, August 10-14, 2016); 1 film will be selected by the Audience to screen at the Digi60 Festival in December 2016.

A Selection Jury comprised of representatives from Digi60 and the Asinabka Festival will review all films. Films selected will be based on eligibility, relevance to the contest theme, and a grading system for originality, quality, and artistic merit.

• 1 video submission per applicant.
• Maximum video length: 5 minutes (Including credits).
• All genres of film will be accepted (dramas, comedies, animation, documentaries).
• Eligibility: All films must be original work, and created specifically for this film contest.
• All films must be directed or filmed by a youth between the ages of 15-30.
• All work must be produced by a self-identified First Nations (Status or non-Status), Métis, or Inuit filmmaker.

All submissions must include the following:
• A short bio of the director or filmmaker. (Please state very clearly your Indigenous affiliation, community, or nation)
• A very brief description of the film (1 paragraph)
• An Internet link to the films online location (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox etc.)