In Defense of Innocence

In Canada, a child abuser is released from prison, only to be gunned down and the police have no clues. The same person kills a crooked judge in the case. Janice Williams heads the RCMP’s Child Sexual Abuse Division and becomes part of a task force to find the killer. Having been abused in the past, Janice has no sympathy for the victim as she is busy with her own hunt. She and her team have been tracking a monster that has molested and killed three children on live stream and he has another. As Janice and her team move in to save the child, she finds that the vigilante has beaten her to the scene and killed the child murderer. All evidence points to someone in the justice system. A countrywide search finds that there have been numerous child abusers dying under mysterious circumstances over the past few years. While following investigative leads, the task force is helpless while the vigilante attacks more pedophiles, including one that has been staked as bait. Although the attack fails to kill the pervert, the police fail to apprehend the killer.
Evidence eventually exposes the department’s PTSD councilor and Janice’s best friend, Laura Amour as the vigilante. Janice meets with Laura to have her turn herself in, but is unsuccessful. Although she understands what motivates Laura, and even applauds her, she believes in the law and knows she cannot cross the line. This leads to a country wide manhunt. Janice feels that Laura will go after a specific, vicious child abuser on trial and Janice and her team must protect him. Laura’s crusade has caused a grass root movement calling for stiffer penalties for child sex crimes in Canada. The protests grow, forcing the government to cave in and grant concessions. While transferring him to prison, Laura kills her target and makes her escape. Janice and her partner are suspended and Janice is accused as an accomplice. Janice’s replacement on the task force is ordered by Minister to ensure that Laura not live to make it to trial.
While suspended, Janice is kidnapped and beaten by the abuser that Laura failed to kill earlier. Laura who is trying to escape the country, risks all to rescue Janice. In a brutal fight, Laura beats the man and frees Janice. Laura uses cigarette smugglers to escape Canada to the US, but the new task force leader and Janice catch up to her. He produces a digital recording of the order to kill Laura and offers it as a way to protect Janice and her partner from the government’s anger. In return, Laura will watch out for Canada’s interests while abroad. Janice and Laura say their goodbyes. Laura and Janice recover on a Caribbean Island until the lure of the hunt sends Laura towards Europe.

  • Dave Wickenden
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    Thriller, murder/mystery
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Writer Biography - Dave Wickenden

Dave Wickenden has spent time in the Canadian Armed Forces before the Fire Service, so is as comfortable with a rocket launcher as a fire hose. He has brought six people back from the dead utilizing CPR and a defibrillator and has assisted in rescuing people in crisis. He has learnt to lead men and women in extreme environments. He loves to cook, read and draw. Dave ran his own home based custom art business creating highly detailed wood and paper burnings called pyrography. His portrait of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien graces the walls of Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

At home in Canada, Dave and his wife Gina are parents to three boys and three grandsons. His two youngest boys are busy with minor hockey and fishing, so you can guess where you'll find Dave when he's not writing.

After 31 years in the Fire Service and attaining the rank of Deputy Fire Chief, Dave retired to write thriller novels full time. He has been a member of the Sudbury Writer’s Guild since 2014. He is a member of the Canadian Writers Union and the International Screenwriters Association. His first novel, IN DEFENSE OF INNOCENCE was released in April of 2018 and his second, HOMEGROWN released on the June 2018. DEADLY HARVEST, his sequel to In Defense of Innocence will be released in November 2019. He has just signed with Black Rose Writing to publish MAD DOG. He is currently working on two political thrillers.

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