Désiré and Amandine, a couple of retirees, lead a happy life that they regularly share with their childhood friends, Lucie and Matthieu, a couple of the same age. At the end of the last dinner gathering the two couples, Désiré is woken up in the middle of the night by strange noises, and notices the disappearance of his wife... Then begins a night of horror that exceeds his imagination.

  • ANSELMO Alexandre
  • ANSELMO Alexandre
  • GORDON Sibeal
    Key Cast
    Key Cast
  • BAUD Daniel
    Key Cast
  • DANIS Anik
    Key Cast
  • Project Title (Original Language):
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  • Runtime:
    16 minutes 30 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 25, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    30,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - ANSELMO Alexandre

Alexandre Anselmo is a 29-year-old director, specializing in short-movies. Passionate since his youth of the works of John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, Sam Raimi and Paul Verhoeven’s movies, he directed his first short-movie called “Cannibal House” at the age of 13 with his mother’s video camera and his school friends.

At the age of 19, he creates a more ambitious movie called “2 nuits” (“2 nights”), during which he learns to write and stage a coherent story with intriguing characters.

In 2012, he crosses a crucial step when he directs “Voies de la hantise” (“The ways of obsessive fear”), his first movie with a professional team. This movie tells the story of his progression in the movie industry, showing a man trying as he struggles to find a producer to read the stories he has written for the big screen.
Though Alexandre had much to learn, the project that he decided to undertake allowed him to grow, not only as a director, but also as a scriptwriter and a cinematographer.

In 2017, the story of his maturing knowledge of the movie industry comes to life (inspired by the works of John Truby, author of “L’anatomie du Scénario” (“Anatomy of the Scenario”), which has since become his favorite bedside book).
He sent “Impie” (“Impious”), his most recent scenario, to the production office “Bat’Art Productions”, run by very talented and motivated young Montpellierains, who accept to produce the movie. It is also the first time that one of his stories has been of interest to professional actors, who collaborate in the filming of the movie.
“Impie” reunites all of the esthetic and cinematic characteristics of the movies that Alexandre was brought up with. We will find, throughout the movie, witchcraft, themes linked to hidden feelings and the darkest side of men, which push us to do our absolute worst …

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Director Statement

Since films dealing with the occult have always fascinated me (The Exorcist, Suspiria, Prince of Darkness, or Angel Heart, to name but a few), it took me several years to decide to write one (after two short films, with supernatural elements certainly, but lacking maturity).
At the dawn of my 29th birthday, "IMPIE", the short film I've been dreaming of making for a long time is finally born....

"IMPIE" is based on the idea of exploring the human vices that make up our modern societies (selfishness, materialism, jealousy...) and showing how far a perverse mind can go to achieve its goal. In the case of "IMPIE", it will be the use of black magic...
The other idea is to stage only 4 characters (enough to deal with the essential of human relationships)... four retired people moreover (the goal being to show that evil has no age, and that wisdom does not come for everyone with time, as the formula wrongly says...)

"IMPIE" is visually and assumingly similar to the horror films of the 70s to 90s, mainly inspired by the cult cinematographer Dean Cundey (who worked with John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg on their most iconic films). This includes bluish nights with cold atmospheres, thick mists, rooms plunged into a scarlet red reminiscent of hell itself, and other plays of shadows.
Music must also have its place and be an integral part of the creative process. Like a good Carpenter, she must be almost a character in her own right, an element of the story, which punctuates and rhythms the story as the notes unfold.