Immigrants of Rainbow Heights

Set in the early 2000s, Rainbow Heights is a school divided into two groups “Immigrants”, kids of color and “Whites”, kids who are white. The immigrants and whites are constantly fighting with one another but decide to put their differences aside the day of the annual talent show. The story centres around six grade 10 students on the day of the talent show, each from different cultures, each dealing with a different conflict. Students arrive at Rainbow Heights to discover racial vandalism. A grade 10 English teacher discusses the incident with her students. Six students speak up Brendan, Kamran, Diyah, Snape, Abdullah and Ashley. The conversation gets heated, and these kids end up fighting one another and get sent to the principal’s office. To prevent the talent show from being cancelled, the six students must work together to collect garbage and bring it back to the principal by the end of the school day. The six students don’t like each other but decide to work together to avoid being outcasts for the rest of their high school years. This punishment brings the six students together, creates a space for dialogue, and increases their understanding of one another’s similarities and differences. The experiences from the day creates unexpected friendships.

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