Im a rockstar

Miles Johnson is an aspiring musician, who is at a crossroads in his young adult life. Miles is a talented artist, but his introverted personality has lead him to doubt his ability to succeed in the seemingly superficial music industry. After being presented with a corporate job opportunity from his best friend John, Miles sees this as a reality check. It may be time to give up on pursuing his passion and turn his focus into making a living (working a 9-5). After an apparent night out partying, Miles awakes completely caught off guard when he finds out he slept through his job interview. In a dazed and hungover state Miles journeys into the city in an attempt to repair what's left of his missed opportunity. Along the way, Miles unique interaction with the world around him becomes increasingly prevalent. He seems to be the focus of attention both good and bad wherever he goes. Miles (in his hungover state) pays little mind to the day's peculiar events. Until the moment he finally catches his reflection in a mirror only to uncover that a spontaneous action from the night before; will inevitably lead him to face his true ambition of becoming a ROCKSTAR.

  • Miles Mcalister
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    Screenplay, Short Script, Treatment
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Miles Mcalister

Miles McAlister was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. He is a former college athlete and coach, who is now an up and coming screenplay writer.

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Writer Statement

My goal in writing is to connect with the human condition as a whole. If I can take a story and translate it in a way that my perspective can spark emotion and relate to a larger audience I would consider it a success.