Celebrating experimental, unconvential and independent films we launched our VoD Platform 2018 and the same year initiated the annual Film Festival with the same mission!

For our 2nd edition we will focus our program on Experimental films of a WIDE variety, as you can see in the categories below.

We welcome all forms of films made by film makers who go with their own style and stories - may they be macabre, unsympathetic, quiet, violent, dreamy or anything else.

We pay for accomodation for all selected films to encourage and support their travel to the Berlin for the Festival. The event aims to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where guests feel welcomed and at home - networking, mingling and simply having a good time. Participating at the festival should be a valuable experience, not just another screening in an unknown place.

Below follows a group of genres which is what we look for when putting our program together. Obviously all these genres can be both documentary and fiction, and a mix of any combination possible, which we naturally welcome.

*Sagas & Myths
*Poetic / Essay / Fictional Nature & Wildlife
*Comedy & Drama
*Post-Apocalyptic & Dystopic
*Erotic & Sexual adventures and essays
*Sci-fi's and Fantasy
*Monster & Horror

Regardless of genre our programming core is the own style and storytelling. Roars in anger and whispers in pain, sexual and violent urges joyfull or painfull, esoteric mysticism or a straight narrative - all and everything in between is welcome.

All films are invited to our VoD Platform Illambra. We launched 2018 building completely from scratch and use a straight forward 50/50 model for revenue. For us it's first and foremost about true independent films finding a home online where they can be hosted and presented together in a qualitative manner. We're looking to build a solid library over time, presenting authors rather than titles, and grow the user base organically.

For more information please do not hesitate do contact us.

- We pay for accomodation for all selected film makers.

- All submitted films will be considered for Illambra regardless if selected for the Festival or not.

- All selected films will be invited to Illambra.

As online distribution might conflict with some Festivals requirement for exclusivity, we will simply wait until the films circuit run is over before we publish it so that your film can have it's tour ended before going online.

-There is no limit as to how many films a Film Maker can submit. However, each film can only be submitted once in one single category. If your film is suiting in more than one category, then please choose the one you find most suiting.

-Completion date does not influence the submission selection.

-Previous Festival history for the Film does not influence the submission selection. Neither Films displayed in multiple festivals nor World premieres are given priority.

-Please make sure that your submission includes a Film Synopsis a Director Biography and a still photo from the film as these are needed to produce Film Festival material such as webpresentation, flyers, posters etc.

-No refunds.

- The sender of the submitted film is responsible for all copyrights. The applicant is legally authorized to enter the film in the festival and, if selected for the festival, authorized to give screening permission.

-The applicant has secured all necessary rights for both picture and sound, and exhibition will not violate or infringe upon any rights, including but not limited to music, images, and content.

-If selected for the festival the applicant acknowledges and agrees that the film will be displayed in front of a live audience.

-The film remains the property of the author.

Overall Rating
  • The team responsible for Berlin Illambra Film Festival was very kind and really showed appreciation for our hard work. We had a lovely screening in a beautiful independent movie theater and we finally were able to show our film with a German Audience. Not only that, our film was available for a short time in the streaming site of the film for being selected in the festival, and I will surely put it on again as soon as I finish the commercial run.

    I would certainly submit again. Thank you Jonatan for the lovely festival.

    November 2018
  • Terje Henk

    That was great to communicate and get things done! Very personal and cute, at the same time being professional - nice combination. Thanks a bunch!!

    November 2018
  • michel mazza

    Amazing Festival!...I couldn't attend but great communication and the Illambra site offering Pay per View is a big plus...I'm very happy with the experience .. Thanks

    November 2018