Private Project

Ill Opera

In a divided time, when only the most sensational acts are acknowledged by the public, a shy man longs to be seen and heard. In particular, he seeks the attention of a girl who mesmerizes him and awakens his creative passion, but when he falls prey to the seductions of easy fame, will he pay the price for losing his true self?

  • kenny Cash
  • Kenny Cash
  • Kenny Cash
  • Rich Smith
  • Guzman Gonzalez
  • Guzman Gonzalez
  • Amanda Ozment
    SportsCenter, The Herd
  • Kenny Cash
  • Elijah "Finesse150" Burton
  • Charley Drayton
    Divinyls, Herbie Hancock, B-52's, Seal, Chaka Chan, Mariah Carey,
  • Laura Cash
    Additional Vocals
  • Dandelyin
    Additional Vocals
  • Tom Stewart
    Additional Vocals
  • Tiffany T'zelle
    Additional Vocals
  • Jonathan Svec
    Adiitional Guitar
    Splender, Edisun
  • Rick Mitarotonda
    Adiitional Guitar
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Experimental, Music Video, Short, Other
  • Genres:
    Sci-fi, musical, animation, opera
  • Runtime:
    19 minutes 13 seconds
  • Production Budget:
    6,500 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - kenny Cash

Kenny Cash of the Factory Underground Studio is a versatile and artistic producer-musician. Leading the way in Hip Hop, Electronica, Alternative, Rock, Soul, Pop, and Classical--there is little ground left unbroken by Kenny Cash.

Very few producers can boast of Cash’s multitalented reputation an outstanding musician, writer, filmmaker and storyteller. In the music world he is known as a beat master in the Hip Hop world, a remix extraordinaire in the EDM genre, and even had a Billboard charting classical album in the same year that his rock-EDM remix was being considered as the theme song by the U.S. Olympic team.

Kenny Cash was granted a scholarship to the world-famed Berklee College of Music, where he mastered the electric bass, acoustic and electric guitar, and learned to play the drums, keyboards, and clarinet. Also no surprise--that his advanced studio skills are purely self-taught.

In 2009, Cash opened the Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT, alongside business partner Ethan Isaac. “The Factory,” a state of the art media production facility, is where Kenny Cash was finally able to center his artistry. The Factory's cool vibe, professionalism, and talent pool quickly began to draw in artists from all over the Northeast and beyond. And through all of this, Cash’s own creative output has thrived. Factory Underground’s Clientel has ranged from Nile Rodgers to Jose Feliciano, and more.

Cash has produced and collaborated with a wide variety of artists from hip hop legends like Rakim to heavy metal Icons like Sid Wilson (Slipknot) to singer-songstress Mandy Harvey. He has scored award winning films (ADAM) and, as ½ of husband/wife duo, Che-val, he has licensed music to popular television shows and also composed for international brands such as Datto.

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Director Statement

When I became a professional musician twenty years ago, despite having learned to play multiple instruments, engineer, produce, and even compose, I never thought that singing would be a role that I would ever take on. However, while watching my daughter begin to crawl one day, I was inspired to try to find my own voice. After nearly forty years on the planet without paying much attention to politics, I never imagined a time would come when I had to express my opinion on the political landscape of the world that we live in. But following the 2016 presidential election, not having a political voice seems to have become an impossible task.

The world has started to look a bit look like a cartoon to me, where interaction doesn’t happen so much face to face, but rather with hyper-caricatures of one another on social media. I had always loved comic books, science fiction, stories of illuminati, and tales of redemption, so voicing myself through an even more caricaturized graphic approach just seemed right. Being a part of social media left me with my own internal struggle, as it is easy to fall prey to its seduction and the pull of media in general. What we see and hear repeatedly tends to shape our thoughts and close our minds to other's perspectives. If, at the core, the majority of humans tend to desire similar things, then why are we so divided in our approach to obtain them? So this is my voice for the new generation: my kids’ generation. Find your voice, use your voice, but always challenge your voice by listening to another’s.