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History is laden with tales of wonder and magnificence, shades of war and peace, terror and bravery, guts and glory and the coming of age. We only know as much as we seek. Follow me as I take you thousands of years and centuries into the past to a time when gold cruised through the veins of beings just like us today but they were much more advanced ...they were Greek gods. Artemis, the Olympian goddess of the moon, chastity, and fertility, the daughter of Zeus  and twin sister of Apollo was renowned for her purity. Loved and adored by all, no one saw it coming: her fall. Now she had to  the battle against odds leaving her potentially destined to eternal shame and desolation. Would redemption elude her? Would she ever regain her former self?

  • Kunegunda Price
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    Adventure, Fantasy
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Writer - Kunegunda Price