It all begins with a peaceful sleep which turns into a dreadful nightmare. A girl is enjoying the nature on a field surrounded
by pure nature. Suddenly a terrible city noise appears, out of nowhere a forest emerge. Among all the noise a creature comes out of the forest and the girl is in danger.

The Story:
It all with a nightmare (or reality) of a person. A girl is laying peacefully in her safe haven. Her chest is going up and down, the breathing is soft, you can barely hear it. If it was not for the chest you would’ve thought she was dead.
We’re brought into the nightmare. A nightmare that at first gives us a sense of a joyful dream. A white flash change the scenery and we are taken from the bedroom out on a big field. You can not see where it starts or where it ends. Definitely not where it cease. She appear happy where she stands. Reaching for the sky, holding her arms up as high as she can. She wants to touch the sky, feel the soft clouds on her skin. Feel how the clean and crisp air embrace her with all its love. Suddenly a big larm, a boulder pulls her out of the embrace. The noise is coming from a forest. A forest that suddenly appear in front of her. Wings from hundreds of birds are clasping together, they are fleeing the woods. The girl on the field looks frightened / shocked. What is this.
The noise is coming closer, it is stronger. What she hears is city noise, traffic, people, footsteps, planes, highway, metro, buses. It is as if the forest is filled with all the megacities in the world. The sound grows stronger. Now the sound of falling trees and breaking branches can be heard. We are taken back to the bedroom, but only for a second to see that pearls of sweat are appearing on the girls forehead.
Without any transition we are taken back to the field and the noise. Out from the noise a creature appear. The creature is nor a human or an animal.
A flash from the bedroom - the creature leaning over her in bed. The creature has two legs like humans, but are also using its arms to walk. It walks on all fours like a dog, but it is no dog. The face is white like a corpse. The eyes dark and stinging. The lips charcoal black. the creature stops, now aware of the presence of the girl. They look at each other. Close up of the creature’s face. Next second back in the bedroom, the girl has changed position, the forehead more wet with sweat. The creature is running towards the girl. She instinctively turns away and tries to escape. The ground has suddenly turned into mud. she is not wearing any shoes, and her feet are sinking into the ground. She falls over in the fleeing attempt, the creature is coming towards her in a high speed. There is no way she can manage to get away.
We are taken back to the bedroom, her hair, forehead and cheek are wet by the sweat, the duvet is kicked away. The creature is leaning over her, closer this time. She is still in deep sleep not aware of the presence of the creature. Back on the field she is covered in mud by trying to get up. Each time she moves she sinks deeper into the ground. The creature does not show any signs of slowing down, and jumps over her. The sound of the city is back, and the create stares into her eyes.
«I don’t know who I am». The girl is screaming.
«You could’ve lived your life, but you didn’t»
«Now you are chained to the rulebook»
She screams, the creature consumes her. The surrounding landscape, nature are disappearing with her.
The creature is eating her head. Chewing it like a juicy steak. She screams , the screams are drowning in the sound of chewing.
The screams continue into the bedroom and she wakes herself up from the nightmare. The sweat leaves a wet mark on the bed.
«Oh, god»
She takes both her hands on her chest telling herself it was only a nightmare. That this is not real, her heart keeps beating fast. A sound is heard, she looks from where it came from. A silhouette is standing In front of her, she gasp for air. The silhouette run towards her. BLACK FRAME. The end.

  • Maren Nordtorp Larsen
  • Maren Nordtorp Larsen
  • Maren Nordtorp Larsen
  • Hanne Odegaard
    Key Cast
    "The Creature"
  • Stina Odegaard
    Key Cast
    "The Girl"
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Short, Student, Other
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 4 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 9, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    0 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    Yes - University of Europe for Applied Sciences
Director Biography - Maren Nordtorp Larsen

Maren Nordtorp Larsen is Norwegian, but is currently studying Master of Photography at UE Berlin. She has a background is in advertising and media, but her heart lies with photography - especially documentary, macro and portraits. Lately she has found a new path within the field - photo novels. She finds creating films using still photos very interesting, «a whole new meaning and story evolves. Maren finds inspiration in her personal life and in literature and music. She writes all her stories herself, photograph, direct, develop costumes and set design.

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