It is said that a person's identity is made up of those properties that endure over time, that are made up of those traits that make one identifiable. The mind-body duality is closely linked to the identity of the individual and has been studied since ancient times. Beyond his successes and failures, Descartes's meditations help us to reflect on where the essence of being lies, especially in these times when new identity realities arise and where social networks mark a new concept about what are.

  • Francisco Pradilla
  • D.E Wittkower
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    5 minutes 26 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 3, 2021
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Director Biography - Francisco Pradilla

Francisco is an interdisciplinary artist. He has a degree in Audiovisual Communication.
In his career, he has trained in different artistic fields, attending courses and workshops with teachers such as the filmmakers Antoni Pinent and Gonzalo de Pedro, the video artist Nadia Hotait, the conceptual artists Mateo Maté, Itziar Okaritz and Jonathas de Andrade, the illustrators Kike de la Rubia and Nader Sharaf or the painter Jon Ander del Arco.
In the audiovisual field, he uses different resources, materials and forms of expression (super 8, digital and stop motion animation , reappropriated material, visual collage) giving rise to pieces that move between experimental and video art.
His work, among other topics, adresses the imperceptible, the difference in repetition, identity, the loopholes of memory and the edges of everyday life.
He has been selected in different international video art festivals (Under the Subway Video Art Night _USA, INTERMEDIACIONES_Colombia, PLAY _Argentina; FIVAC _Cuba , LIF _Greece, CUVO_ Spain; Jornadas de Reappropriación_México; Videobardo_Argentina; Mister Vorky_Serbia), animation festivals (Fuentes Film Festival de Ebro; Animainzón), environmental festivals(Drapart; Manos Unidas Clip Film Festival; Valle de la Fuenfría Festival ; Hummus Film Festival; Signus; Sigre) and urban interventions (Imagina San Javier).

He has exhibited individually at the University of Murcia and has attended artistic residences at L'Estruch (Barcelona), Cal Gras (Barcelona) and Traductores del Viento (Madrid).

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