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I am just trying to be a better woman

Whitney has always lived in the shadow of a life better than she has ever got a hold of. Her daughter Monica bears the burden of setting her straight with her wild desires and escapades she too often engage in to pull sustenance funds for the family. When Whitney’s mother is on her deathbed, Whitney through her pimp proxy jack,gets involved in an Altercation at a routine business arrangement.

  • victor murithi Gitonga
    Trap, jerusha kanyua
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    Drama, thriller, crime
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Writer Biography - victor murithi Gitonga

Victor Murithi Gitonga, a writer,director and producer Born and raised in Chuka, Nairobi Kenya is a self actualized writer with notable works like the jerusha Kanyua,Dante chronicles,Tambara mbovu among others that are yet unproduced and are still in development. he lives in Kenya's city capital, Nairobi.

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