I Want to Do That

I Want to Do That
I Want to Do That
I want to take it slow
Relax and just let it flow
Don't let go

Come into my Pandora
Open the box what you desire
You been waiting all day
So come and let's play
Red roses in the bath
A glass of wine to sparkle up this time
Massage your shoulders
I know you will like what come next
Talk dirty to me

Pre Chorus:
Come to me my heart desire
Let me cast a spell
I call to you
Come to me as quick as can be

Repeat Chorus

This is the moment we can be all alone
Got the petals on the bed
waiting for you to come through
Let's make this night a memory
I am trying to make this
Better than you ever dreamed
Kisses on your back
I know you likey that
Talk dirty to me

Repeat Pre chorus

Repeat chorus

I want to do that
I want to do that
I want to do that

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