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I Want You

"I Want You" is a poignant exploration of love's resilience in the face of adversity, reminding us that true love transcends time and challenges, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts. Jian Li has loved Yumeko Mianna for a very long time now the chance to be together has finally come and he won't dare miss the chance to make her his.

As they spend more time together, their connection grows stronger. They discover shared interests, dreams, and a profound understanding of one another. It becomes evident that their love is unlike anything they have ever felt, a love requited in the most extraordinary way.

As their love story unfolds, the couple grapples with the ultimate question: aside from death, is there anything else that can keep them apart? They learn the true meaning of love, finding strength, and embracing the beauty of life's fleeting moments.

  • Bej'a Ayanna Christmas
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    Romance, Drama, Comedy
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    United States
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    Chinese, English
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Writer - Bej'a Ayanna Christmas