INTIMATE 2019 trailer :

“INTIMATE International Shorts” will have cutting-edge films, exploring…relationships, love, intimacy, romance, sensuality…
our need to “connect” .
INTIMATE InterNationaLShorts targets to bring attention to the audience by not shying away from intimacy and sensuality on screen. Intimacy and sensuality is one of the few subjects that still can perturb an audience, whether it is depicted graphically or merely suggested. Unlike laughter or fear, excitement somehow does not feel like it should be a communal experience.

It is a festival that feels very much part of the fabric of Thessaloniki, a city between worlds: one foot in Europe and another in Middle East, a city of movie fans, students and immigrants, a city that thrives in beautiful October, across from the Olympus mountain.
* Trailer 2019

Cinematic Achievement Award for outstanding cutting-edge films
Prizes not decided at this moment

Rules & Terms
Submit films in H264 /mp4 , ideally about 3Gb.
ALL films MUST have embedded ENGLISH SUBTITLES ***
(even if dialog is in english)

* "Semi-Finalist" indicates "short-listed" and NOT a final selection for the program.
Final selections are affected by total screening hours available for the festival.
Film duration of 30min. maximum
INTIMATE reserves the right to select films and organize "best of INTIMATE" or "focus on INTIMATE" programs in other venues within and out of Thessaloniki.
This is of definite advantage to all directors as it extends the audience and the appreciation of the director's cinematic work !