Insular & Other Seas Art Film Festival, ( IOSAFF)

is a coherent whole of multidimensional creativity projects linked on the theme, islands of the world arts, coastal cultures & ocean adventures

( IOSAFF ) Is not only to show films and get prizes but also tour & activities in inspiring places & locations

In nineteen years of existence, Insular & other seas Art film festival has become a major international festival that reinvents itself in other dimensions. What started as a local initiative in the dream island of Djerba is now an exceptional transnational event that connects and inspires creators and fans of the islands of the world, the oceans and the coastal culture. Insular & other seas film festival embraces diversity, originality and the exchange between creators and anand an audience from different cultures and backgrounds

After the creative adventure " Siren in the Mediterranean sea " 2018 / 2019, the biennial heading to the Pacific coast, in SANTA MONICA in September,1-4, 2020 for an artistic and cultural meeting across the oceans.

The crowning achievement of the Mediterranean actions will be in Djerba island / March, 2020.The finalists of the main action of "Djerba islands" will be selected to participate in the " meeting across the oceans " in "Santa Monica" September 2020 program an excellent place to network with other people in the film industry. With so many international filmmakers attending, this is the perfect melting pot of creativity, affording festival goers to learn about the film industry in different locations around the world.

Djerba island, with its many thousands years of history, presents one of the most successful models of peaceful coexistence between people, religions and human races.

Within one hour ‘s drive from Djerba Sea & Oasis, we can find the Mountains of "Matmata" this region is a destination for the filming locations of such as the movie Star Wars.

Art, craft and terroir circuit for all submissions:
This visit includes artists, artisans, filmmakers, local producers, and summer art exhibitions to discover on the island of Djerba. Visual arts, sculpture, jewelry, gastronomic products, folk art ... You will enjoy discovering the immensely creative, inspired and inspiring island of Djerba.

All submission must be, Coastal cultures, islands, ocean adventures & People and The Sea themed, Documentaries feature & short of any length and any style are eligible. This includes movies on ocean adventures, surfing, diving, sailing, fishing, traveling, cliff diving, sailing, kite surfing, rowing, swimming, marine ecosystems, marine flora and fauna.

Not a filmmaker & There are still many ways to be involved with the festival:
The biennial of the islands of the world, is a coherent whole of a project ". With its actions of multidimensional creativity, residencies of screenwriters, productions and projection of the insular films, islands music, plastic art, island's food & all the artistic expressions

The islands of the world, through the oceans and the continents of the planet, conceal important cultural and patrimonial wealth, as much by their variety, their specificity as by their authenticity. The islanders, being cut off from the continent, they are forced to live in osmosis with their environment, to vibrate to the rhythm of the elements of their natural setting and to dominate the rigors of their daily life by giving free rein to their creative imagination and their innovative spirit. In this perspective, music and singing and filming are the best support for the expression of their dreams, their emotions and their collective memory.

Submitting filmmakers & all art will also have the opportunity to qualify for a Residency Award with Djerba Island.

a competition in the islands and others seas film category, offering a residence prize in Djerba Island.

Qualify for a Residency Award with Djerba Island & Siren Trophy.

The finalists of the biennale of Djerba March 2020 will be selected for the event of Santa Monica CA, September 1-4, 2020

- Documentaries and short films linked to the seas,Islands,coastal cultures & ocean adventures of any length and any style are eligible. This includes, but is not limited to, movies on ocean adventures, surfing, diving, sailing, fishing, traveling, cliff diving, sailing, kite surfing, rowing, swimming. ,, marine ecosystems, marine flora and fauna, or travel.

- The film must have been finished 2017 and even before if the film does not have on the internet, Special Screenings for films related to the history of the seas in relation to humans

- The film must be available for a maximum of 3 screenings during the events
- There must be no projection costs associated with the film.
- Films must be subtitled in English, and is desirable french subtitled for Djerba event.

- Filmmakers are required to ensure that their documents comply with copyright.
- All technical issues related to submitted films are the responsibility of the applicant.

the submission concern both the event of Djerba March 2020 and Santa Monica Septembre 2020

For those who prefer to participate in Santa Monica only, they can submit their films and send an email for clarification.

Submissions are accepted exclusively via FilmFreeway. You may submit more than one project.

All participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements, except qualified for a residency prize with the island of Djerba.