INNCONTRO – International Film Festival of Multiplicity aims at promoting the exchange of views and ideas on issues of migration through audio-visual pieces as well as their discursive embedding.

The kick-off festival 2018 pays special attention to the interrelation of migration and gender. It is therefore the perspective and experience of women* that will be central and made visible on screen. The special positioning of women* in and after the act of migrating itself stems from various factors: Women* are more often subject to sexual violence during flight/migration, and they are more strongly affected by mechanisms of exclusion and discrimination in the integration process.

Keywords: Multiplicity, Migration, Integration, (Post)Colonialism, Refugees, Borders

Audience Award: € 500

* Each entry should deal with MULTIPLICITY and MIGRATION. Key aspect in 2018: WOMEN* (female film makers, films with female protagnoists, feminist topics). Male film makers are also invited to submit their movies, but the film should have a 'feminist approach' in a certain way.

* We don't accept movies, which has been released before 2010.

* We'll stop the call after 150 entries. Our small team isn't able to handle more movies.

* If the movie gets selected, the film makers give permission to use short excerpts or screenshots from the submitted films for promotional purposes.

* If our budget allows it, we'll try to invite all film makers, whose films got selected.

* Film makers are responsible for copyrights.

* We just accept online screener, no refunds.

* English subtitles required.

* If you are not able to afford the submission fee, feel free to contact us: mail(a)