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SANA is waiting for GORI
The apartment is neat and tidy, the table set and decorated, the suitcases packed and ready for the honeymoon. This is also the casep on that particular day, as after a knock on the door, emerges, GORI, a matured man of good lean stature baring a pale skinned face.
GORI has returned to keep a promise of 30 years.
Having waited a lifetime for him, SANA is perplexed by the promptness of his decision to travel straight to the beach for their honeymoon.
Their cohabitation begins with the hotel room door closing. At first she is taken aback by his utter detestation of light. She doesn’t understand much of the first night. She astounds of how they make love for the first time, since she has imagined it a thousand times and more, just differently. The morning after, also starts oddly. First she stuns about herself and needs she hasn’t felt before, then with GORI and the way he sleeps, a breathless being alike.
The first day of their honeymoon starts with trouble. As required by law, the absence of the wedding certificate jeopardizes the chance of the couple to stay in a double room, which SANA urges GORI to do, albeit his hate of all things institutional.
GORI on the other hand behaves like a being from another time who doesn’t perceive reality and what goes on. SANA is upset yet tries to justify him, acknowledging the very long years he spent as a war prisoner. SANA’s and GORI’s relationship aggravates with every time they have to discuss and disagree about something. Thirty years later they think and act differently, like people belonging to two different worlds. SANA strives for a happy relationship, hoping it to be the continuation of their interrupted love story, but all the endeavors to reach that, wear her out.
No day passes without misunderstandings.
The story pivots. SANA figures out she is pregnant, a strange pregnancy, noticed on the 7 th day after losing her virginity. She wants to interrupt the vacations, GORI is not hers anymore.
Back home, we are also back at the beginning. The candles are fading, just as her grasp on this story, a perpetual friction of SANA’s imagination, coming in full circle every Sunday


    Key Cast
    Key Cast
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 34 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    May 2, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    400,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White and Color
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - BESNIK BISHA

Besnik BISHA

Albanian Film Director/Writer/Productor

Besnik Bisha is born in 1958 in Albania. He graduated the Albanian “Institute of Arts” in acting and post graduated in Film Directing. He has worked in various films as actor and ass/director from 1981-1984 at the state film studio “Shqipëria e Re”. His debut feature was “Zemra e Nënës/A mother’s heart” (1993) was praised in Albania for the innovative style and artistic combination of classical acting with animated figures. In 1995 was awarded with “Best Film” in the 10th ed. of the Albanian Film Festival (every five years) and the “Silver Trophy” at the Salerno International Film Festival, Italy. His other feature “Mao Ce Dun” premiered 2008, selected in the official competition at the Moscow International Film Festival. He has served in different administrative positions, and teaches Film at the University of Arts in Tirana.

Filmography as Director:

2019 INANE/ Director, feature

2016 Fëmijët e diktatures /Children of Dictatorship – documentary - director

2015 Gjaku i Shprishur / Corrupted Blood– feature

2014 Millenium – TV series of 5 episodes

2007 Mao Ce Dun – feature

1997 Bolero – feature

1993 Zemra e Nënës/ Mother’s Heart – feature

1990 Njerëz në rrymë /People in one direction – feature

1989 Sinjal Dashurie/Love Signal – short

1989 Mundi për tek skena/ Sacrifices to the Scene – documentary

Filmography as Writer:

2019 INANE- writer

2016 The Children of Dictatorship – documentary - writer/director

2015 Gjaku i Shprishur / Corrupted Blood – feature writer

2014 Millenium – TV series of 5 episodes – writer

1997 Bolero – feature - co-writer/director


1993 International Festival of Salerno, Italy: "Zemra e nenes". (SILVER TROPHY)

1993 Mediterranean Festival of Bastia, France: "Zemra e nenes"

1994 Albania Film Festival of, "Zemra e nenes" – (BEST FILM)

1996 European Festival of Luhacevice, Czech Republic: "Zemra e Nenes"


1997 European Festival of Saint-Etienne, France: "Bolero"

1998 Mediterranean Festival of Bruxelles, Belgium: "Bolero"

1999 Mediterranean Festival of Roterdam, Netherlands: "Bolero".

2008 Ballkanik Festival in Greece: "Mao-Ce-Dun"

2008 European Festival of Sofia, Bulgaria: "Mao-Ce-Dun"

2008 Independent Cinema Festival Rome, Italy: "Mao-Ce-Dun"

2008 International Festival of Moscow, Russia official selection: "Mao-Ce-Dun"

2008 International Festival of Karlovy Vary, Czech Rep - official selection:


2008 International Festival of Cairo, Egypt. as a special screening: "Mao-Ce-Dun"

2008 International Festival of Amsterdam, Netherlands "Mao-Ce-Dun"

2009 International Festival of Genoa, Italy "Mao-Ce-Dun"

2009 International Festival of Hungay, "Mao-Ce-Dun"

2009 Struga Film Fest: "Mao-Ce-Dun"

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