Welcome to DaVinci International Film Festival's “IN30” Challenge, brought to you by StoryData IO. The IN-30 Challenge is a brand new program at DIFF, where filmmakers and storytellers create 30 SECONDS OF FILM, using our stated theme for their shot at sponsorship prizes, including festival screening, industry software, services, and cold hard cash. IN30 is aimed to both inspire the divergent and creative storyteller, as well as challenge their ability to deliver compelling narrative within the program’s framework.

Get your work showcased in front of industry professionals and receive announcement at DIFF’s After Party / Award Ceremony, written up in our Program, and a shout out to over 1 MILLION on our social reach!

- $1000 CASH

Have a creative idea for a 30-second film? WE WANT TO SEE IT! But we have a couple guidelines before you submit, so please read carefully. First of all, we are super excited to see what you come up with, but we need your content to be PG RATED. This is important, and if you don’t know what “PG” rating is, then please visit https://www.mpaa.org/ to learn more.

Next we will need for your submission to be a TOTAL RUNNING TIME (TRT) of thirty (30) seconds. This includes any/all credits, if you’re including them. Next, your content must be fictional narrative; no PSA’s or branded content.

And finally, you MUST include our theme stated (“CREATING. TOGETHER.”). This is can be inserted in any form and at any time, but MUST come out of an actors mouth or be seen or read via exposition within your story. Either way, it must be built into your story. More at: davincifilmfestival.com/in-30