I Miss You

I Miss You

  • Kamrul Hasan
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    2 minutes 8 seconds
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    June 1, 2021
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Artist Biography

Kamrul Hasan is a Freelancer, Entrepreneur, Musical Artist , Singer, Rock Guitarist, Writer and Journalist. He was born 17 October 1997 in Chandpur, Bangladesh. He completed his higher secondary from a high school in his own area, and an Higher Secondary Certificate HSC from the business science branch from Meher Degree College in Shahrashti upazila of Chandpur district.
He is the founder and CEO of ShahrastiShop.com, He has proved himself to be quite an entrepreneur. She serves the people of her own district through her online shopping site. The people of the area have got a touch of modernity for his innovative initiative.

He is not just an entrepreneur, he is a musical artist. He has made his debut as a musical artist for many years now. So far he has released five or more albums, which is very popular with everyone. The songs he writes and sings are realistic. So people accept it very easily. The songs written by him can be heard in the songs of many famous artists. He has made many contributions to the Bangladesh musical industry, and he is still working to improve the music industry in Bangladesh. Besides, he is a journalist. He writes on various online platforms.

He first started his career through freelancing. He is currently motivating and educating unemployed school students to learn freelancing.

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