I Miss Me

I miss me lyrics

(1st verse)

Life has been tricky, I still miss me,
still on my journey, still trying to find me,
The fires still burning, my soul is still hurting,
Tried wearing a smile, but it still doesn’t fit me,
The pain still hits me, it hits me hard,
I am emotionally scarred,
PTSD from my past,
Following the yellow brick road, to the wizard of oz,
To ask for a heart, I wanna be brave,
I’m tryna re-build my path,
I’m glued to my pen, tryna perfect my craft,
Paint the perfect picture, I’m in love with this art,
While the musics tryna heal me,
My anxiety is tryna kill me,
I wanna know if there’s someone that feels me,
To everyone who don’t know this is the real me,

From the days when I was a kid,
Living life and getting in shit,
I miss me (yeah yeah) I miss me,

No pain causing hurt in my heart,
When my eyes still had that spark,
I miss me (yeah yeah) I miss me,

(2nd verse)
I miss complaining bout school, I miss breaking the rules,
No worries in the world, I didn’t care at all,
Just playing ball, or penny up the wall,
Getting chased by cops yeah and acting like a fool,
I just miss the fun n the thrill of the chase,
When I be doing sank wrong, n my dad be on my case,
From bunking school to playing, football with my mates,
Every day, man I miss those days,
I didn’t have mental health issues back then,
I didn’t have baby mum issues back then,
No one betrayed my trust back then,
I didn’t feel the pain of the other side of love back then,
It’s not that I don’t appreciate what I have now,
It’s just that I didn’t know what pain was like now,
It was all fun and games and sunny days,
The laughs and the jokes, knock on doors yeah and run away, (ha)
(Back to hook)

(3rd verse)
I go for walks on my own now,
Headphones on just in my zone now,
I dream of the stage, my name in lights,
Standing there, looking out,singing to the whole crowd,

Hear em singing back to me, goosebumps on my skin,
This dream has to be-come my reality,
Otherwise I’m lost, that’s all that keeps me sane,
Still I miss the old days that’s why I keep saying, (2x)

(Back to hook)

  • PO3TIC Justice
    Name of Band or Artist
  • Project Type:
  • Length:
    4 minutes 36 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 26, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
    United Kingdom
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
  • No
Artist Biography

27 year old HipHop Artist “Poetic justice” Born Daniel Waters In 1994.
After Being Abandoned By His Mother In A Hospital At Just 6 Weeks Old He Was Raised By His Nan and Granddad And Then His Father, He Finally Found A Safe Place To Express Himself When He Discovered Music At 7 Years Of Age And Started Writing Down His Thoughts And Feelings Onto Paper And He Hasn’t Stopped Since.

He plans To Take His Career As Far As Possible.

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Artist Statement

I Just Wanna Thank Everyone For Taking Time To Listen To My Music.
It Means So Much To Me And I Honestly Don’t know Where I’d Be WithOut It!