XXV edition of the Pasaia Bay International Short Film Festival, IKUSKA 2023.

The festival has an international short film competition in 5 screenings, and other parallel non-competition sessions related to the development of Basque and language coexistence (MINTZAGUN projection in collaboration with Oarsoaldea euskaltegis), Gender Equality (BEKOZ BEKO award in collaboration with the Association against gender violence
Bekoz Beko), the promotion of culture in Pasaia and its surroundings, etc.


1. - The 25th Pasaia Bay Intenational Short Film Festival, IKUSKA 2023, will be celebrated in Pasaia (Gipuzkoa) between November 11 and 18, 2023.

2. - There will be able to take part any natural person of any origin (except for the linked ones to the organization), or legal persons legally constituted. In any case, always major than 18 years. IKUSKA does not receive inscription valuations to the taking part shorts.

3. - The date of achievement will be later to January 1, 2022 and the maximum duration of every shortly will be 20 minutes.

4. - The topic and genre will be free. The works will be able to be both mute and sonorous.

5. - The dialogues can be presented works in any language.
a.-) In the registration and pre-selection phase, if the dialogues are in a language other than Basque or Spanish, they must have subtitles in one of these two languages. If this is not possible, then the subtitles will be in English or French.
b.-) For the definitive selection, if the short film was in a language other than Basque or Spanish, only short films will be selected to provide the organization with a copy of the short film WITHOUT SUBTITLES and a list of dialogues in Spanish or English to make the subtitling.

6. - The inscriptions reception will be realized until (included) August 31, 2023.

7. - The mailing of the shorts will be carried out by means of the platforms of on-line mailing that appear in the web www.ikuska.eus and completing the cards of inscription that offer the proper platforms. It is a responsibility of the participants to know and in its case to assume the expenses derived from its participation by means of the use of the above mentioned on-line platforms.
Likewise the participation will be admitted refilling and sent the form that is in the web of the festival. In him a link will be included also to see and to unload the short from Vimeo, Wetransfer, Drive, Dropbox, etc.

8. - A committee designated to that end will realize a selection of the works inscribed to determine the short ones selected for the Official Section to Contest and for the Parallel Sections. In case of the parallel sections, the organization of the Sample will request the chosen ones its participation in the same ones, these being able to decline the invitation and not authorize the projection. This procedure will apply to itself also for the section Mintzagun (to see point 9). The Festival will communicate to all the registered persons the decision of the Committee of selection. Likewise he will report to selected of the details of its participation: date and hour of the projection, request if it was necessary of a quality copy, etc.

9.-The award MINTZAGUN to the best short in Basque will be granted in the frame of a special projection and with the votes of the spectators, being these pupils of the Euskaltegis (centers of education of the Basque language) of the Region of Oarsoaldea, in Gipuzkoa.

10. - The Jury of the Official Section to Contest will be composed by several persons designated by the organization that will decide the winning short of each of the awards. The Award of the Youth there will be granted by a jury young man designated by the organization that will reward a short one of the Official Section. In both cases its decisions will be inappealable and they will become public during the act of closing ceremony of the Sample. The awards will be able to be declared deserts on the part of the Juries.

11. - The prize-winning works will receive a trophy and an award in cash. The economic quantities of the awards will be the following ones:

• BETTER SHORT IKUSKA 2023: 1.200 €

12. - The trophies will be delivered in the Closing Session preferably to directors, producers or actors and actresses who have been awarded a prize and who attend the gala. If the prize holder could not attend, it would be delivered to the person or persons designated by them.
13. - The award in cash to the Best short, Award of the Public and Award of the Youth will be paid to the natural or juridical person who appears in the inscription card as beneficiary of the awards. This point will be applicable also to the special Award of the Jury in case it is granted to a short and not to a concrete person. The organization will take charge (as its possibilities) of the expenses of transport and accommodation of the prizewinners who come to the Ceremony of Closing ceremony. All the awards will be paid by means of bank transfer in later dates in conclusion of the festival. The awards will be subject to the deductions for tax purposes demanded by the current legislation.

14. - The organization of IKUSKA will stay awake why the copies for the projections are adapted for its projection and of the maximum possible quality. The authors and/or producers of the short chosen ones authorize the organization of IKUSKA 2023 to make use of extracts of the same ones for its diffusion in mass media, without commercial ends, up to 10 % of the duration of the short (with a maximum of 1 minute and a half). Likewise, the technical and artistic information that appear in the inscription card (title, duration, direction, etc.) will be included in the publications of the Festival. The copies sent for the selection will happen to be part of the file of the Sample.

15. - The chosen shorts will be able to be projected out of the proper Sample, in promotional projections of the same one or in activities related to the youth, the woman, the education, etc. and in collaboration with associations of local ambience. You are projections will be always free and without lucre intention for those that the corresponding authorization will request the owners of the projection rights, these being able to decline the invitation and not authorize the projection.

16. - The person, company, society, etc. that inscribes the short owes of making sure that is authorized for it and that the participation in IKUSKA 2023 does not damage the rights of third persons, sponsors, etc. Also they exempt the organization of any legal responsibility which it could incur.

17. - The organization reserves the right to modify these bases, to solve any contingency, or to suspend the contest. Of being like that, the taking part persons will be warned.

18. - The inscription to this XXV Sample of Short means the entire acceptance of these rules.