On-line festival open to independent film, web series, shorts and screenplays. Judged by active industry executives.

Every screenplay submission, whether or not accepted to the festival, receives a free professional script report analysis performed by a professional screenwriting consultant, plus 10% off any additional screenwriting consultation services.

$5,000.00 Narrative Feature Screenplay Grand Prize!

Best Picture *
Best Actor (Male)
Best Actor (Female)
Best Ensemble cast
Best Director
Best Comedy*
Best Horror*
Best Thriller/Action*
Best Animation film*
Best Sci-Fi*
Best Student film (Live Action)*
Best Student film (Animation)*
Best Documentary*
Best Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Visual Effects
Best Original Music Score
Screenplay 1st place*
Screenplay 2nd place*
Screenplay 3rd place*

*Winners receive a personal pitch meeting with Aloris Entertainment LLC, the company that is responsible for bringing back, and executive producing, Tales From the Crypt, along with M. Night Shyamalan, premiering on TNT in the fall of 2016. (www.alorisentertainment.com).

1st place Narrative Feature Screenplay wins $5,000.00 USD

Rules & Terms

ALL DEADLINES ARE RECEIVED-BY DEADLINES. All materials must be received by the deadlines listed, NOT postmarked by that date.


Filmmakers are welcome to either submit a FilmFreeway online screener or send us a DVD or Blu-ray disc.

We strongly advise filmmakers to submit a password-protected link of their film IN ADDITION to their FilmFreeway online screener or DVD submission. Please include the link in the Cover Letter section of your FilmFreeway submission page, or email it to us at damon@indiepossible.com by referencing your FilmFreeway tracking number. Once again, the online link is only a supplement to your official submission screener (DVD or FilmFreeway online screener)

If you are mailing a DVD to us, please send your film in a paper DVD sleeve. When packaging, protect the DVD in a padded envelope, or similar package. Please DO NOT send your dvd in a slim, jewel, or standard DVD case. We also advise that you purchase tracking for the shipment of your submission DVD to ensure that we receive it on time. Film submissions are non-returnable. Please do not send original materials.

Please note that the ONLY difference in the early submission deadline versus the final submission deadline is the fee discount. The submission process and consideration by the Programming Committee is not affected by the date you submit your film as long as it is received by our final deadline! We appreciate, however, filmmakers submitting their work as early as possible.


Indiepossible 2016 films will be selected by the festival programmers. All selections will be posted on our site by April 1st, 2016.

ALL films submitted to the festival are seen and scored by two different programmers. All films that have a higher average, or are a favorite of a programmer, go on to final deliberations. Indiepossible selects its films by majority vote and nothing is offered early acceptance. All decisions are final.

If a film is accepted, a complete press kit and an online link to your film will be needed as soon after notification as possible. Indiepossible cannot be held liable for your exhibition print/video materials which are lost or damaged.

Please note that Magic of Story is not associated with the evaluation of screenplays for the competition, but only acts to support your work. The script coverage you receive will have no bearing on the final decision on your work. All submissions remain in contention and under full consideration for the competition.

Overall Rating
  • C Jeffery Evans

    Granted, notifications were a bit late. But this was the first year of the Festival and some hiccups are to be expected.

    June 2016
  • Elisabetta Minen

    Instead, I can understand that in the first year of a festival there may be some organizational disadvantages. That notice was all we needed for us and instead of to disappoint, that notice reassured on the careful examinations of our works. We had to wait confident. And the report arrived, right on May 30th. For my part I have nothing to complain. I'm sorry not to be could be present at the festival. I only see the great work that has been done and the economic value and also the value of the professional support of the prizes. Great Indipossible FF!

    June 2016
  • PJ Woodside

    This Indiepossible site will take your money, say you've been accepted into their "festival," never answer your email, put a notice that they'll be posting films on the site in May, and as of May 30th you still don't see anything. No benefit at all for the filmmaker. A money-making scheme.

    Amended: I see the winning films were finally posted on the last day of May. I would curious to know if any of the filmmakers who won awards received any sort of benefit.

    May 2016