The Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema is dedicated to showcasing emerging film talent in both studio and independent film. Our goal is to provide a forum where emerging filmmakers can connect with industry professionals during the festival.

The Idy Awards have become one of California's most prestigious film festival prizes. IIFC will hand out numerous Idys in 2019, in the following categories:

Best Actor/Actress
Best Supporting Actor/Actress
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Director
Best Screenplay
The Marshall Hawkins Award for Best Original Score
The Roger Taylor Best Original Soundtrack Award
Juan Ruiz Anchia Best Cinematography Awards
Best Editing
Best Costume Design
Best Director Documentary
Best Documentary
Best Feature Film
Best Foreign Feature Film
Best Featurette-Drama
Best Featurette-Comedy
Best Featurette-Thriller
Best Short -Drama
Best Short -Comedy
Best Short-Thriller
Best Foreign Feature
Best Foreign Featurette
Best Foreign Short
Best Student Film under 18
Best Student Film 18 and over
Most Humanitarian Film
The Mary Austin Women In Film Awards
Best Of Festival-Overall
Best Of Festival-Audience Choice Award
The Summerhawk Native Film Award
Plus awards in Web series, and Animation, Indie Spirit Awards, the Festival Director's Award
and the Festival Producer's Award.

Tech Awards will be given on the night before the General Awards ceremony. General Film Awards will be given at the Idyllwild Film Awards Ceremony on the final day of the festival.

Awards categories are subject to change depending on the number of selected films in a particular genre.


Terms & Conditions

IIFC is open to U.S. and Foreign films in the following 13 categories:
Feature Films (over 60min)
Featurettes (15min-60min)
Short Films (under 15min) Drama • Comedy • Thriller
Documentary - Features (over 60min)
Documentary - Featurettes (15min-60min)
Documentary - Shorts (Under 15min)
Student Short Films - under age 18 (Under 15 min)
Student Films - age 18-23 (All lengths)
Foreign - Features (over 60min)
Foreign - Featurettes (15min-60min)
Foreign - Shorts (Under 15min)
Animations (All lengths)
Web Series (2 episodes no longer than 14 mins total.)
Humanitarian Films (All Lengths)

Entry Requirements and Rules:
1. To be eligible, an entry must have been completed in 2017 or 2018.
*All film entries must be submitted through FilmFreeway to be considered for selection.
2. Fully completed entry form submitted through FilmFreeway with current contact information.
3. Entry Fees must be paid before your project will be considered. You must submit your film to the correct category (please see category guidelines) and pay the submission fees for that category.
4. All entries and supporting materials for all deadlines must arrive on or before November 1, 2018.
5. Non-English language produced films must be dubbed in English or contain English subtitles.
6. All entry fees are non-refundable.
7. Student Films must include your high school (or lower grade) or college in the appropriate section of your entry on FilmFreeway.
8. Selected film entries will be notified no later than December 1, 2018 via email and posting on our website.
9. All entrants grant IIFC the right to use an excerpt from the accepted films (not exceeding 3 minutes) for promotional purposes in any and all media, including the festival website.

**Films which have been broadcast on TV or cable or have had a theatrical release prior to IIFC, are not eligible for competition but may be considered for screening during the festival at the discretion of the festival director.


• Films may only be submitted digitally through FilmFreeway. Link and Password to fully finished, full resolution project must be provided at the time of submission. Links and passwords must remain active until January 15, 2019. ( Please visit the HELP section of FilmFreeway for instructions on how to upload your film.) If you have received notification of acceptance into our festival, you will need to authorize IIFC to download your submission.

• We do not accept unfinished works. What you submit is what will be screened if accepted.

• All Submissions must include a full resolution digital poster one sheet .jpg as well as 2 productions stills from the film.

• Deadline fees will be strictly observed. ALL FEES MUST BE PAID before your project will be considered.

• Online submission form must be completed in full when submitting through FilmFreeway. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your online entry form and required entry materials are properly submitted. IIFC reserves the right to disqualify any submission if improperly submitted.

• Your completed entry and selection automatically allows IIFC full rights and licensing to utilize your project’s title, cast and crew info, screen grabs, artwork, etc., for promotional uses worldwide.

• Student film entries must include full information of filmmaker’s educational institute at the time of project’s completion, a copy of Student's Educational ID and enrollment verification showing attendance at Institution at time of projects completion

Nominations and Awards:

• Unless IIFC is instructed otherwise, all film entries will be considered for the Idy Awards.

• Each project accepted into IIFC will be required to provide a clip from the film. The clip must appear in the finished film and be no longer than 2 minutes in length. The clip must be the same resolution as the submitted film. These clips may be used during the Awards Ceremony for the films with nominations.

• Directors/Producers must submit a scene clip for each Actor/Actress they wish to have nominated. The clip must appear in the finished film and be no longer than 2 minutes in length. The clip must be the same resolution as the submitted film.

• Award winners will be selected from the highest rated films that went through a panel of judges, including film industry professionals. Winners agree to participate in the publicity for the Festival as well as other promotional events, including the website. The determination of the winners is final.


• Filmmakers attending the festival are responsible for travel, lodging, and all other expenses.
Filmmakers accepted into the IIFC will be entitled to the following:
• Two Filmmaker Badges granting access to
 All films, panels, and seminars apart from fundraising events
 Entrance to parties
 Entrance to all Industry Networking Events, Etc.
 You will have the opportunity to purchase discounted passes and tickets in advance for additional filmmakers, crew, and actors attending the festival with your film.

The number(s), date(s), time(s), and location(s) of the screenings of films are at the discretion of the Festival.

Participation in the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema implies understanding and acceptance of all terms included in this application. By submitting your entry, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the General Rules, and to the Terms and Conditions listed.

IIFC retains the right to shift any accepted project into a categorie(s) other than that which the project was originally submitted.

Overall Rating
  • Tamara Nance

    Absolutely lovely festival. Enjoyed all the screenings and events. Will absolutely submit again. Wonderful town!!!!

    October 2018
  • Jesse Koester

    I had an incredible experience at Idyllwild. The drive up from LA alone is an adventure. Of course, that's to say nothing of the networking and the films on display.

    Also, if you get selected for a screening in The Rustic Theatre, don't be fooled by the name. It's a top-notch movie house with great audio and projection.


    May 2018
  • Donald Hollowell

    This was an absolutely great experiences and hope to be there again next year with a new project. The people are wonderful and very hospitable. It is true that once you leave there is a bit of peace you take with you that last a few days before we get back into the city grind. Thanks Idyllwild International Film Festival.

    April 2018
  • Randall Whittinghill

    We had an incredible time with the team of Idyllwild. they went out of their way to make sure things ran and well and if you needed anything they worked with you. amazing hosts with great hearts and commitment to indie films. Thank you Stephen, Trinity, Andrea and team for the experience. We are grateful for winning Best Short Drama for Zero-Zero and Best Child Actress with Kruiz Mauga as our lead actress.

    March 2018
  • First-rate festival! Very hospitable to filmmakers. Excellent communication. Beautiful city. Great selection of films. Lifetime friendships developed in networking.

    March 2018