Queer Lens track is a part of the Independent Film Festival of Chennai (IFFC) organised by Thamizh Studio. The track was introduced in the 2019 edition of IFFC to bring visibility to queer film makers, artists, technicians and to make IFFC inclusive of LGBTQIA+ voices in the film festival circuit in India.

Tamil Studio, the movement for good cinema functioning for over ten years in Chennai, has now taken the responsibility of organizing the Chennai International Independent Film Festival through its Salanam Trust.

IFFC will see its third edition in February 2020. The Queer Lens track is conceptualised and curated by queer activist Moulee, founder of Queer Chennai Chronicles. Queer Lens track is part of the Independent Film Festival of Chennai.

Queer Lens 2019 - Curator Note: https://bumpahead.net/curator-note-queer-lens-a948c1bea5cb






Maragatha Pura award, Feature film (80 mins and above) - INR 10000
Thamizh Studio award, documentaries and short films (upto 30 mins) - INR 5000
Queer Lens Award for Independent Vision

* The rules for the Queer Lens track is autonomous from the other IFFC tracks and is modified. While the rules for Queer Lens deviate from the main film festival, it stays close to the core values of Independent Film Festival of Chennai. For more information, please contact the organisers of Queer Lens - IFFC.

We encourage films that has been produced independently and through crowd funding. We also encourage films that’s has been inclusive of queer persons in the making of the film.

There is no minimum or maximum time duration for the film submission. But if you want your film to be considered for the “Short film Competition”, then your film must be less than 30 minutes. There is no time limit for Documentary films.

There is no submission fee.

If your film has been selected under “Competition Section”, four complementary passes for IFFC will be provided to your crew.

If your film has been selected under “Competition Section”, and you hail from another state or district from within India, IFFC will cover your travel expense for attending IFFC. In case someone other than the filmmaker is coming, same applies to them too. Lodging expense during IFFC shall be shared with the film maker.

English subtitle is mandatory for all the films.

Working stills, Director’s photo and Synopsis of the film are required.

While we encourage films that has been shot between 2015 and 2019; we are also open to consider films from previous years on a case to case basis.

Last date for submission is January 05, 2020.

If your film is selected for the screening, you may have to provide Blu-ray or PXD format of your film.

We will send further details on mailing if a blu-Ray/PXD format is required once your film is selected.