RESISTfest is an online film festival dedicated to helping produce and promote political media in an age when social consciousness has never been more important.

RESISTfest is a free submission for both professionals and amateurs, for ads and music videos. Submissions are in two categories: Under 1 min., and 1–5 min. Each project will be judged by a panel of political experts and featured on, and affiliate social channels. The top selected projects will be awarded a cash prize! is the nation’s leading aggregators and curator of digital political content. Other “spots” shared on the site have been viewed by more than a million people specifically interested in political ideas and media, and content posted has been “Liked” and “Shared” by millions of people.

The goal of RESISTfest is to foster creative activism in support of the ideals of our fragile Democracy as well as introduce new content creators to a political media world in need of new voices.

All submissions may be promoted on, in our newsletter and on social media.

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• Gold: $2,500
• Silver: $1,500
• Audience Favorite: $1,000
• Honorable Mention: I Agree to See Swag, special promotion on

All winners will be prominently featured on and in our regular email newsletter to over 25,000 leading political and media figures.

Entry Requirements:
• Ads & Music Videos must have current politically relevant topic or theme.
• Ads & Music Videos must be either under 1 minute, or under 5 minutes long, advocating a current political stance or issue
• All Ads & Music Videos must be submitted by the deadline of September 30, 2017
• All submitters must be at least 18 years of age

Political Ad & Film Requirements:
• Films cannot have any intellectual property that does not belong to the filmmaker, including but not limited to unlicensed music or corporate logos.
• Films must be delivered in a format of Youtube link or MP4
• Films cannot contain hate-speech, bigoted language or ideas.
• Films containing people must have consent forms for any footage showing faces of people in public.