Screenwriter walking softly, carrying a big heart.
Hunter Liguore is an award-winning writer, whose work has been received internationally, including her screenplay, Everylife, a 17-time festival winner in 2019/2020. Her script, Equanimity, was part of the ‘Anthems’ series produced by director Hana Walker-Brown, in partnership with Sony Entertainment, 2020. Her novella L'ultimo Polare was published for readers in Italy, 2018. For more info, visit:
*Appreciation, Best Screenplay* Cinalfama Lisbon Intl. Film Awards, Lisbon, PT, July 2, 2020
*Finalist* Prix Royal Screenplay Awards, Paris, FR, April 28, 2020
*Semi-Finalist* Hollywood Chills 12, Hollywood, CA, April 16, 2020
*Best Feature Script* Wi-Fi Film Festival, Kansas, April 1, 2020
*Top-25 Semi-Finalist* Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices Screenplay Contest, Oct. 19, 2019
*Official Selection* Lifft India Filmotsav-World Cine Fest 2019, Lonavla, October 16, 2019
*Quarter-finalist* Script Lab's TSL Screenplay Contest, October, 2, 2019
*Semi-Finalist* Los Angeles Cinematography Film Awards, LA, Oct. 1, 2019
*Best Feature Script* Top Indie Film Awards, Tokyo, Japan, September 30, 2019
*Semi-Finalist* Film Festival Of Time: Ancient Futures, New Zealand, Sept. 16, 2019
*Official Selection & Inclusion* Big Bear Film Festival, CA, July 27, 2019
*Best Feature Screenplay* Olympus Film Festival, Los Angeles, June 16, 2019
*Official Selection* Underground Indie Film Fest, Apopka, June 8, 2019
*Finalist, Sci-Fi* Genre Celebration Film Fest, Tokyo, June 5, 2018
*Screenplay Semi-Finalist* Courage Film Festival, Berlin, April 22, 2019
*Finalist, Sci-Fi Genre* Las Vegas Screenplay Contest, Nevada, April 4, 2019
*Finalist* Mediterranean Film Festival, Italy, Sept. 10, 2018
*Semi-Finalist* Social World Film Festival, Italy, June 20, 2018
Screenwriter walking softly, carrying a big heart.