The festival is dedicated to human rights short films or films that collaborate in the fight for minority rights.

The winner is awarded a certified laurel (certificate seal) from "Human Rights Defender Film" and a real trophy sent by the post office (FedEx). The selected / winners will be widely publicized in the press, newspaper articles and advertisements on cinema portals, enhancing the participant's portfolio.



The Human Rights Film Festival Brazil is dedicated to films that cite or collaborate in the fight for Human Rights in all its aspects.
Registration of FICTION, DOCUMENTARY AND ANIMATION films will be accepted.

1. The competition will be in two phases. In the 1st phase: online audiences watch and vote for "Best Film", the winner adds 1 point. In the 2nd phase: On October 4st, at 8:00 p.m., in the Teatro da Rua Eliza the audience will vote, the winner will add 1 point. If there is a tie, the curatorship of the festival gives the final vote. The winner is awarded a "laurel" certificate from "Human Rights Defender Film" and receives through FedEx a trophy to be proud of his film.
2. The public of the Festival site will have access exclusively to the films online, in full, and without the possibility of downloading or sharing the competing film.
3. Films that address the fight on the rights of Women, Black People, LGBTQIs Community, Practitioners of Persecuted Religions, Fat People, and actions that show reduction of Poverty, and Humanitarian Aid, as well as the Situation of Refugees, ie the struggle of Minorities in general, etc.
4. The Festival is competitive.
5. All entries will be analyzed by a jury specialized in Cinema and another jury specialized in Human Rights.
6. The selected films will be made available on our website for the public to watch online and vote to choose the best film of each period related to the Festival.
7. The winner of the Festival will be chosen exclusively by online voters.
8. The most voted film will be declared Winner of the Festival and will be widely publicized in the media besides receiving 3 prizes, being: A personalized physical trophy (to be sent via mail), A laurel (to include in the credits of the film) and the most important, A stamp-certificate that the winning film is "HUMAN RIGHTS MOVIE".
9. All entries will be valid for up to three months to become an official selection of the Festival, after this period the film will have to re-register.
10. All entries will be quoted on the Fight for Right Festival website for verification purposes, but only 7 selected will be publicly displayed and will be placed to submit spectator's notes online.
11. The subscribed movie link will need to be on the YouTube and / or Vimeo platforms in one of the following ways: PUBLIC or PRIVATE WITH PASSWORD.
12. Movies published on Youtube and Vimeo will be accepted in ENGLISH LANGUAGE or WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES
13. Movies with or without age restriction will be accepted.
14. Movies with a maximum of 2 years of being posted on the platforms Youtube and / or Vimeo will be accepted.
15. The filmmaker may be of any age.
16. Movies of all genres will be accepted (Dramas, Comedies, Adventures, Suspense, etc.)
17. Movies of any format (16mm, 36mm, 70mm, DSL, Digital, AVI, MP4, Mobile, etc) will be accepted.
18. Entry of FICTION, DOCUMENTARY AND ANIMATION films will be accepted.
Good luck.

Overall Rating
  • 동국 유

    It's an honor to be selected for the 2020 film.

    December 2020
  • I am proud to have been part of this Festival which is fighting for human rights. I wish a long life to this initiative !

    October 2019