Huiching has two master degrees on Studio Art and Computer Multimedia. Her field cross the traditional art and digital media, teaching subject includes; contemporary art appreciation, formation and materials, creative painting, illustration, stop-motion animation, 2D animation, video editing, motion graphic and etc. During her stay in the. Unite state, she worked as an assistant teacher in the Art education program of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York. Her painting and installation works had exhibited in New York, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan in solo or group exhibitions.
Her animations adopt multimedia materials and experimental style. The animations that she has directed or participate in production, have been awarded and screened in hundreds of international film festivals around the world. She was invited as the jury member of a few international film festivals, including; Interfilm short film festival in Berlin, Nis International Animation Festival in Serbia and few Youth Film Festivals in South Korea and so on. She also has been invited to teach animation workshops in different countries, including; the United States, Spain, Hungary, Greece, South Korea, Laos, Turkey and Serbia, etc. Since 2013 she started a volunteer work call” Traveling Filmmaker” program which she bring the university students as volunteers, and went to the remote areas of Taiwan to teach elementary school students to make animation. As of 2020, nearly 30 workshops have been held all over Taiwan. The volunteer program was recognized by the Korean Film Council, and she was invited to give a speech in the International Education Forum which was part of Busan International Film Festival in 2019. The workshop program is also awarded in the Gimpo International Youth Film Festival for Educational Contribution Medal.
Best Creativity film
the 2nd Cross - strait Youth Film Festival
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