Hot Sauce

The Usual bar
The usual street
Two stools down from the usual seat
eating her fries all alone no meat
so I moved over a chair it took a Djs beat
I said Honey, Sticks to what it holds, and Im looking to keep warm from the nights cold road.
So you'd like to kick, she said, flick it, maybe even lick it.
Wel it'll cost you a buck and a bit more for the platinum ticket.

I said excuse me I dont mean to be rude I must apologize see I was just a bit confused
She said confused?, Why?,Ima wearing some disguise?
I said, I just didnt think your kind would order fries.
Covered with hot sauce
with hot sauce
Covered with hot sauce
with hot sauce

My kind what do you mean my kind? You know
a sensual professional meat loving intellectual, ideal for lonesome nights and when times are flexible.
She said honey, I dont think you really know what your talking about, but i suggest you go back to your seat and stfu.
I said
Hold On
Hold on
Hold on
Hooold Ooon

Would the Kun Klux KLan adopt a vegan diet
would a Mississippi officer order apples in a salad
and would the Kardasians, the ones with the asses,
Sit around the fire and listen to folk ballads.
Covered with hot sauce
with hot sauce.

  • Ghassan Abdelnour
  • Ghassan Abdelnour
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  • Length:
    3 minutes 48 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 31, 2019
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Artist Biography

Based In LA
Originally Lebanese
Trying to make music with a bit of theatre

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