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Hostile Takeover

Hostile Takeover


Struggling to make ends meet after college, Tom takes a job he should never have touched: infiltrating the research lab of one of Earth’s most dangerous biotech companies. But what started as corporate espionage soon sees Tom at the mercy of Biocorp Industries’ most brilliant—and sadistic—scientists. Excella Newitt, leading the terrifying Project Trojan, and her all-female team plan to use Tom to test the capabilities of newly discovered alien technology, which has the capacity to alter his mind, body, and even gender. Finding himself caught in Excella’s clutches, subject to a program of forced feminization and deviant torture, Tom must find a way to escape… or have his whole identity stripped away.


During a routine interstellar survey mission, a Biocorp Industries research team uncovers the wreckage of an alien craft—and a survivor (octopus-like alien) with astonishing powers. The alien is brought back to Earth, and study of the being is headed up by Excella Newitt, an ambitious young woman as unethical as she is brilliant. Under the code name Project Trojan, the alien’s symbiotic capabilities and ablity to exert a degree of mind control—are to be studied, and the technology of its craft unlocked.

The Project Trojan scientists are some of the most brilliant minds in the world, including Tomoyo Yuki, who forms a bond with the alien creature (Subject 337-78a, affectionately named “Trojan”) and will do anything to protect her work, and Ethelind Leloup, whose desire to pursue knowledge—and a successful career at Biocorp—increasingly sees her act against her better judgement.

Elsewhere in the megapolis of New Troy, Tom—a young man struggling to make ends meet after college—is having a dinner date with his crush, Mary. She’s just landed an internship at Biocorp, and is excited to start work with the company. Tom is pleased for her and trying not to allow jealousy to compound his existing feelings of inferiority but, when Mary mentions that Biocorp is heavily targeted by corporate espionage and she had to undergo several security clearances for her internship, he annoys her by joking that perhaps spying is the more lucrative option.

After they say goodnight, and Tom is returning to his car, he is jumped by a group of unseen assailants. Bundled into a van and knocked out, he regains consciousness to find himself tied to a chair in an empty room. A mysterious female voice echoes through a speaker, and makes him an offer he could never have imagined: if he can disguise himself as an employee and infiltrate Biocorp’s research lab to steal information on the mysterious Project Trojan, Tom will be rewarded beyond his wildest dreams. If he fails, or tells anyone of the offer, not only will he be punished, but Mary will be blamed and discredited, losing her job and facing criminal charges.

Tom is initially unwilling to believe the voice but, when a screen in the room shows him Mary at home in her apartment, he realises the threats are real. He guesses whoever is behind the intercom has already approached Mary and been unable to convince her, and Tom—humiliated, yet seduced by the idea of the money he could earn—grudgingly agrees.

At Biocorp, Excella—tormented by her rival scientist Phoebe—is pressuring Tomoyo and Ethelind to intensify their experiments on Trojan. The alien has so far not shown any of its regenerative or symbiotic abilities in laboratory experiments. Tomoyo, from a purely hypothetical point of view, suggests that a living test subject might provoke Trojan into action. Ethelind is appalled, but Excella decides to consider the plan.

Meanwhile, Tom, disguised as a female lab tech (“Piper”), slips past Biocorp’s security checkpoints with phony credentials given to him by his mysterious backers. He has detailed instructions and follows the plan precisely, managing—by a combination of sheer luck, and beginning to gain Ethelind’s trust while she is vulnerable after her arguments with Tomoyo—to steal not only several gigabytes of data from Tomoyo’s computer system, but Trojan herself.

Excella, returning to the lab, discovers the theft and is furious. Tomoyo and Ethelind are distraught, and fearful of Excella’s rage. She questions them, quickly realising that “Piper” must have been responsible for the theft, though she still takes out her anger and frustration on Mary. The lab goes into lockdown as Biocorp tries to locate the thief.

Mary calls Tom after work, distraught after being threatened and upbraided by Excella. Tom is supposed to be meeting his mysterious boss and handing over Trojan but—as Mary is so upset—he stashes the alien in his closet and goes out to meet her for drinks. Tom tries to comfort Mary, who tearfully tells him about the mysterious woman who tried to convince her to spy on the lab and Project Trojan. She refused, but is frightened that somehow Excella found out and thinks she betrayed the project. Tom grows increasingly uncomfortable and embarrassed, unable to think of anything but Trojan. Mary reveals to him that Tomoyo implanted a next-gen nano-chip into the alien's brain capable of tracking its wherabouts not long before the theft incident, so it’s just a matter of time before Biocorp is able to identify the thief—knowledge that terrifies Tom. After Mary kisses him for the first time, he awkwardly declines her offer to go back to her apartment and returns home, kicking himself for missing the opportunity to go home with her.

Tom rushes back to his apartment, but gets neutrolised by chloroform treatment upon arrival. Tom wakes up shortly after and finds himself being stripped completely naked bound spread eagle to a black latex bed in his bedroom. Two Biocorp security agents wearing corporate tights black latex catsuits—Priscilla and Ivy—are there, and they interrogate Tom while taking pleasure slapping him around, tormenting and belittling him. Priscilla mocks him, suggesting he’s enjoying it - Tom's penis is erect and excited as never before, and Tom is horrified by the fact that she’s right­. Trojan has become increasingly distressed, and escapes from the container Ivy has trapped her in, latching onto Tom's excited genetalia.

Immediately after Tom ejaculates into the alien for the first time, Trojan’s symbiotic powers come into effect, and the alien begins to secure itself onto Tom's body by its newly generated tentacles and sucking onto his genitalia, while also feeding off his humiliation and arousal to force him into crippling sexual pleasure. This delights Priscilla and Ivy, who continue to torment Tom until they are interrupted by a communication from Excella, demanding to know what’s taking so long.

Priscilla and Ivy take a semi-unconscious Tom back to Biocorp, where Excella and Ethelind are waiting in a secure holding cell. Excella is furious—they were supposed to bring the alien back to the lab, not allow it to unite with a host. Ethelind states that it is still possible to repell the alien from the host's body with a help of Tomoyo's nano-chip, but Excella refuses realizing that her team has finally got a chance and legal right to study Trojan’s powers on a live host. Excella torments Tom.

Guarded by the ever sadistic Priscilla and Ivy, and experimented on by Tomoyo, Ethelind, and Excella, Tom spends months in the labs as the alien slowly grows and spreads on Tom's body securing herself on his entire body - all while feeding on his semen, humiliation, and the hormones produced durng orgasms and draining his testosteron. Tom performs a few desperate attempts to take the alien off and to escape - but all unsuccessful thanks to the nano-chip under Excella's full control. Eventually, Trojan unites fully with Tom by forming a feminine body suit, despite being terrified by Excella’s threat that, if he stays united with Trojan too long, he may never be able to separate from the symbiote. Delighted Excella gives him the new name “Mia”.

Eventually, Mia is transferred to the larger lab and allowed a small degree of freedom. Tomoyo analyzes the nano-chip data and identifies that Trojan appears to have a stronger hold over Tom when his body releases hormones associated with feeling teased, humiliated, and dominated and weaker hold when his body releases testosteron which appears to be toxic to the alien. Tomoyo identifies that his body releases the toxic testosteron when Mary (still working as a lab intern, but unaware of all the details of Project Trojan) is around. Excella—guessing this is due to Tom’s attraction to Mary—mocks him, telling him he’d never be able to satisfy her, and she threatens Tom again with the fear of entirely losing his masculinity to become Mia permanently.

Tensions with the Project Trojan team mount, as Ethelind and Excella argue over the ethics of what they’re doing, and Tomoyo becomes increasingly concerned for Trojan’s welfare, worried that continuous exposure to what is left of Tom’s testosteron may be weakening the alien.

Meanwhile, Mary seems to feel inexplicably drawn to Mia. She confides to Ethelind that she hasn’t been able to get in touch with Tom and is worried about him. Over time, she becomes more involved with the experiments on Mia, and has a few moments where she almost seems to recognize Tom. He, still connected with Trojan and under Excella’s control, is not able to communicate with Mary, and is torn between his growing unification with the alien and his feelings for her.

Excella is under increasing pressure to produce results from Project Trojan. Success would mean promotion and a chance at an executive position within Biocorp; failure will mean her funding not being renewed and, in her eyes, disgrace. In consultation with Tomoyo, she develops novel teasing, humiliation, and domination treatments that she subjects Tom to - all to make him produce even more of those alien-strengthening hormones. Her treatment of Mia becomes increasingly extreme, causing arguments with Ethelind, and causing Mary to grow ever more sympathetic to Mia. Despite being frustrated by constant presence of Mary, Excella realizes that she is unable to get rid of her because there would be no grounds for Mia to experience feelings of teasing and humiliation.

Eventually, after Mary tells Excella that she was approached by the mysterious woman who wanted her to steal Trojan, Excella is able to uncover the woman’s identity: her rival, Phoebe, who was attempting to get Excella fired, leaving her free to seek an executive promotion.

As Excella takes Priscilla and Ivy to seek retribution from Phoebe, Ethelind purposely leaves a key card unattended, allowing Mary to steal it and set Mia free. A moment of recognition passes between Mary and Mia. Mary confesses she guessed he was Mia, and that he must have been the thief who stole Trojan. Tom tries to explain that he did it as much to protect her as for the monetary reward, but Mary hushes Mia; then, she kisses her lips - making the alien desperately send a shock wave across Tom's entire body as it was getting hurt by the release of Tom's testosterone.

As Mia and Mary are making their way out of the labs they are running into Priscilla and Ivy. Mary urges Mia to keep running towards the exit as she uses a fire extinguisher to hold Priscilla and Ivy behind. Now escaping alone, Mia is running into Phoebe who is blackmailing Excella by holding a PDA which has a discreditory material against her ready to be sent to BioCorp's higher-ups - one tap on the PDA screen, and Excella's reputation would be destroyed once and for all and she would be fired on the spot. As Phoebe gets briefly distracted by the sudden appearance of Mia, Excella tackles Phoebe making the PDA fall near Mia for her to pick it up. Distressed, emotional, and teary Excella, for Phoebe's amusement, kneels before Mia desperately begging her not to send the mail. In a brief moment of silence, Tom realizes that, no mater how much he denied that, deep inside, he has always been Mia - he realized that his true identity is Mia who is shaped by a more intelligent and beautiful mistress - Excella - who is willing to provide her with love and heavenly pleasure in exchange for obedience. To Phoebe's great surprise, Mia demonstratively dropped the PDA on the floor crashing it with the heel of her latex boot, approached Excella who was not in a state of stupour, lifted her off the floor by her waist, gently hugged her behind her shoulders, looked into her teary and shocked eyes, lovingly wiped off the tear from her right eye, and passionately kissed her in her lips.

  • Daniel Vostin
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    Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script
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    sci-fi, femdom
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Writer - Daniel Vostin