Horror Films in Hotlanta, is a horror film festival in Atlanta, Georgia. This annual event showcases horror films from around the world. Atlanta has a great film scene in general, but also a dedicated horror film community that is eager to see new films. All flavors of horror are accepted including creatures, suspense, vampires, zombies, psycho killers, dark comedy, animation and other horrific situations that will make our audience jump. We've recruited 12 judges in the Atlanta area that are ready to watch every minute of every film submitted. We are also looking for horror film screenplays and hope to recognize exceptional work that can one day be produced into a short or feature film.

12 different judges will decide 20 different awards that will be presented for outstanding filmmaking, creativity and screenwriting.

1) Best Actor
2) Best Actress
3) Best Cinematography
4) Best Director
5) Best Ensemble Cast
6) Best Feature Length Horror Screenplay
7) Best Film Editing
8) Best Georgia Horror Film
9) Best International Horror Film
10) Best Micro Short Film
11) Best Original Music
12) Best Short Horror Film
13) Best Short Horror Screenplay
14) Best Special Effects
15) Best Supporting Actor
16) Best Supporting Actress
17) Best Visual Effects
18) Most Original Film Concept
19) Most Original Screenplay Concept
20) Single Scariest Moment

All films and screenplays are eligible, regardless if they have distribution or not. Films that are accepted to this festival are expected to provide a download link to their film within 1 week of notification. All films must have an resolution of 1920x1080 HD or better. Standard Definition and 720p will not be accepted. All films will be compiled and screened on Blu-Ray DVD. 23.976, 24, 25 & 30 frame rates are all acceptable, but 23.976 is preferred. DCP and 5.1 Surround Sound are not accepted, only stereo files please. Quicktime (.mov) and (.mp4) file formats are preferred.

Each film and screenplay accepted will have 2 free tickets available for all screenings. All other guests must pay $14.00 each for their tickets. No exceptions.

Overall Rating
  • Jose Luis Anaya

    Sadly I was unable to attend, but maintained a great communication with the festival and I couldn't imagined it was a highly selective horror film festival... beyond that, I was surprised my FIRST FILM not only got 6 nominations, but WON Best International Horror Film!! (& Best Cinematography)... I'm amazed by the quality of horror films I was part of and I'm deeply honored for being part of the ever amazing Horror Films in Hotlanta. Thank you very much and keep that festival up! I hope to be back this 2019!

    January 2019
  • Thank you for selecting my feature script The Tristan Curse!

    November 2018
  • I wasn't able to attend but loved that Moving IN was an official selection and the communication was top notch!!! I hope to make it in again next year and attend!

    November 2018
  • Robert Heske

    Well-run festival. Worth the submission.

    November 2018
  • Flood Reed

    Was unable to attend, but was honored to be selected, and was impressed by and appreciated Caroline's communication. Keep up the good work!

    November 2018