A drop of creativity becomes a whole universe.
Ümit Enes Sanver (originally Şanver) was born in 2004 in Istanbul and grew up in various districts of the city. After spending 17 years in Turkey, he moved to Germany with his family.
His fascination with film took root in his early years, sparked by the DVDs and VCDs his father would bring home. During his childhood, Ümit began directing his first couple of "short films" while playing with his older brother and their toys. As a budding director, he orchestrated the actions and dialogue of the toys. Throughout his primary and secondary school years, he experimented with creating small-scale short films with his friends in video games. However, it was during his high school years that he delved into his first serious project, "Mask," a 30-minute culmination of three scripts he had written. In the same year, he also took on an acting role in a film directed by Ömer Faruk Göçmez.
Ümit's time working with Ömer during high school provided him with diverse perspectives on the art of filmmaking and storytelling, fostering a deeper understanding of the craft. Another influential figure he encountered during this period was Derin Doğa Kokal. Derin's passion and talent for theater and filmmaking captivated Ümit, nurturing his appreciation for theater and his burgeoning love for the world of cinema. He went to Sahne Hat theater course in the following summer to the theater piece he watched from the school's theater club, in which he saw Derin acting too. Following his time at Sahne Hat, he auditioned for and was accepted into the school's theater club. He dabbled in sound design, captured rehearsal moments through photography, and immersed himself in theater studies while preparing for the role of lead dancer in the planned piece. Although the piece was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ümit's enthusiasm for theater and the arts flourished notably, thanks to his time in "MALT2", the school theater club, or by his saying "his second family."
His breakthrough in the world of filmmaking arrived with the production of the film "WHAT IF COLOURS CHANGE," which received a 50,000 euro budget from Aktion Mensch. Serving as an assistant director and an integral member of the production team, Ümit garnered valuable experience in the intricate art of filmmaking. The film premiered at the Burg-Lichtspiele movie theater and later made its way to various esteemed film festivals.
Ümit has also had a serious interest in internet culture since he was little. In 2022, he took his first step into a new adventure by publishing his first video on his YouTube channel "Hopee". In 2023, his interest in drawing and animation pushed him to create something and he made two short animated films, "HEY, HUMAN" and "Bloodless Woodpecker". Currently, his YouTube channel continues to push Ümit's creative vision and talents forward, giving him a way to experiment with different concepts and consistently produce engaging content.
Hochschule RheinMain
High School
Mevlana Anadolu Lisesi
High School
Birth Date
August 19, 2004
Birth City
The more successful the villian, the more successful the picture. -Alfred Hitchcock
A drop of creativity becomes a whole universe.
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