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Hope And Faith - An Obsession Of The Heart Part Two

When Aaron is diagnosed with Testicular cancer, Melissa is his only chance to heal the psychological scars.
The story starts with references to the past and the relationship between Aaron and Melissa. The previous story ends with Aaron and Melissa finally together. As they start their life together in marriage, they face unexpected health obstacles.

Aaron is diagnosed with testicular cancer, faces surgery and radiation treatment. The psychological scars that Aaron endures about no longer feeling like the man he was. Melissa helps heal Aaron from the scars he carries.

The story continues with Aaron and Melissa going to a fertility doctor to try to conceive after learning Melissa’s primary ovarian deficiency causes issues in her being able to conceive. Melissa becomes pregnant with twins and Melissa faces complications because of pre-eclampsia. Melissa is rushed to the hospital after a fall and is unconscious. While Melissa delivers two baby girls, she suffers major internal bleeding and faces death. The final scene in the act is at a graveyard with Sherry and Brie holding the baby girls while Aaron breaks down at the coffin.

Act three starts six months after Melissa’s death with Aaron’s life going on and the help of Cappy and Sherry. The story goes to five years later where the girls are older and have different interactions with Cappy, Sherry and Bob. The name of Alicia and baby doctor references become part of the conversations. This leaves us to believe Aaron is together with Alicia, the girl he has encountered previously and always has dogs with her.

The story changes when Aaron is with the girls and Melissa walks in with a baby girl in her arms. This leads back to a flashback scene in the hospital where Melissa did not die, it was one of Aaron's nightmares. Alicia, the dog walker character, is exposed as she was also the nurse in Aaron’s surgery and in the room before Aaron’s dream. Alicia's character is a guardian angel who has been watching over them. The last scene explains the Alicia references and it is the name of the baby girl they have adopted.

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