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ESPERANZA RANIERO (17) enjoys a vacation on the beach, after being proclaimed the U18 National Triathlon Champion. As she happily trains at sea, a momentary paralysis in her arm forces her brother and trainer, KIKE (27), to practice a rescue maneuvre on her.
Together with her father, who is a doctor, she begins a race of consultations between anguish and fears until the fateful diagnosis of ALS is confirmed.

A mixture of hope, denial and complicity marks the relationships among the young athlete's environment.

The father, alone, suffers and rejects the evidence of the medical tests until the last moment. The brother, unknowingly, turns to continuous rehabilitation attempts. The mother, sensing the problem, turns to religion to get a solution. And her sports team invents a gadget so that their team-mate can return to training.

Meanwhile, Esperanza knowingly, keeps her spirits high, and makes everyone believe that she is unaware of the diagnosis. A few months later, she passes away with a smile on her face.

  • Miguel-Angel RIVERO ROJAS
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    Screenplay, Short Script
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  • Student Project:
  • The Berlin Flash Film Festival-Sept2020
    Berlin 10585 Germany.
    September 30, 2020
    Winner in the Super Short Script category
  • Wiki Screenplay Contest-August2020
    1187 Coast Village Rd ste. 512 Santa Barbara, CA 93108, USA
    August 30, 2020
    Finalist-short screenplay_"Barriers"
  • VI Concurso Internacional de Guion de Cortometraje Abcguionistas
    November 6, 2020
    Award Winner Student Script & 3er promotion of values
  • International Moving Film Festival
    December 22, 2020
    SEMIFINALIST by short film "BARRIERS"
  • Australian International FilmWorkz
    Upper Coomera, QLD 4209
    August 21, 2021
    Quarter-Finalist, Best Short-Action by "Barriers"
  • Blackboard International Film Festival
    Elambachi-Payyanur (Kerala)
    September 30, 2021
    Official Short Fim Selection by "Barriers"
  • Wiki: The World's Fastest Screenplay Contest!
    1187 Coast Village Rd ste. 512 Santa Barbara, CA 93108, USA
    August 14, 2021
    Honorable Mention by HOPE
Writer - Miguel-Angel RIVERO ROJAS