Sean is a 35-year-old Malaysian man who works across the Singapore border every day. He has a loving family and a stable job in a restaurant in Singapore. However, one day, things had changed after the Covid happened, Malaysia had a lockdown. He left his family behind and cross the border and earn a living for his family. But that didn't last long, he was fired. This is a story about how he will survive through the pandemic and the loneliness without his family. How he was trying to stand up and overcome all the difficulties in this period.

This is a story about family love and this huge pandemic, Covid-19.

  • Yap Jing Wen
    Samantha Lim Yann Ying
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    Student, Screenplay, Short Script, Stage Play, Television Script
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    English, Mandarin Chinese
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Writer Biography - Yap Jing Wen

Yap Jing Wen (b.1998) is a Malaysian-Chinese currently based in
Singapore. She has a Diploma in Animation and a Bachelor in
Animation Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore). Jing Wen is familiar with current technology used to design credible settings and characters to contribute believable story-telling, design motion pictures, and videos. She is strong at
communicating, sharing, and experiencing new ideas with others. Jing Wen is a specialist in 3D animations, post-production, motion graphics, video editing, photography, and scriptwriting in storytelling. She is currently working with her partners as one of the founders of Echovento Pte. Ltd. as the Art Director for the media production house. In her spare time, Jing Wen is an Art Tutor for kids as she loves to speak with kids with their creative ideas.

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Writer Statement

This is my experience as a Malaysian that studied in Singapore for the fifth year this year. Covid-19 has changed my life and many different people's life too. It changed the entire economic system and much Malaysian life of "working in Singapore, went back home in Malaysia" every day. That was a difficult choice for them, but they chose to cross the border for a living. I want to write about this situation, and how it affects the people, and how we go through them together. Everyone has left their families and friends because of the pandemic. You are not alone, we will go through this one day and see our loved ones again. We need to stay strong and overcome this.

I also want to record how everyone's lives changed dramatically after the Covid-19 epidemic. Without family and foreign treatment, the feeling of loneliness is the same as that of anyone else. These are the inner voices of people who go abroad to work or study.