Home Boys

LOGLINE 1: During the Vietnam War, an army psychiatrist examines a draftee—and ends up getting examined himself.
LOGLINE 2: During the war in the Pacific, a wounded Marine gets a shot of morphine, and hallucinates that it is Ash Wednesday—not the Day of the Dead.
LOGLINE 3: A Marine gets a Dear-John letter that speculates about his death, and then makes that speculation a certainty.
LOGLINE 4: A soldier returns home by train from the war, then leaves on the same train the moment he sees his family.
LOGLINE 5: A German prisoner of war heckles his black American guard over the issues of race, racism, and the master race—only to be met with absolute silence.
LOGLINE 6: From afar, two American soldiers spot a wounded German and his helper in the snow—and let them both freeze to death.
LOGLINE 7: A Catholic chaplain is ordered to fight or leave a foxhole—and he stays.
LOGLINE 8: A Japanese soldier is ordered to shoot an American war dog—and finishes off his Marine handler instead.
LOGLINE 9: Two Marines talk about fragging their inexperienced lieutenant and a moronic private on their next patrol—and then they leave on patrol.
LOGLINE 10: A veteran drives from Kentucky to Florida to visit the grave of his Vietnam buddy—only to be met with incredulity, if not hostility, by the man’s widow.

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    Short Script
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    United States
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A former film critic and university lecturer, R. J. Cardullo is an American screenwriter.

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These short scripts are all original creations.