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This short film showcases some rich tourism and historical sites found in Northern Uganda

  • The Odong Brothers
    Shame of Puberty, Save a Mother
  • The Odong Brothers
    Shame of Puberty, Save a Mother
  • The Odong Brothers
    Shame of Puberty, Save a Mother
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    3 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    April 26, 2023
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Director Biography - The Odong Brothers

The Odong Brothers are very passionate story-tellers and their love for storytelling started orally while they were kids through folktales. Much later on a family trip to Jinja to visit their maternal grandmother, they got exposed to moving pictures for the first time. This instantly kick started their love for films. Growing up where there was no access to TVs, they were fascinated by folk-tales as told by their seniors around the bound fire. This has in the long run impacted how they make films.
To live in a war torn Northern Uganda, meant to live in a place with limited opportunities to almost everything, needless to say, about non-existence of film schools. It was until 2011 when The Odong Brothers got lucky to be part of “Youth and Film Uganda”, a project by Maisha Film Lab. This enabled them to get training in film for 3 years and resulted into them making their first short films, “My Lost Wallet” & “The Parcel From Jennifer” in 2011 and 2012 respectively. When the project ended, they founded “NUHOOD FILMS” which was later rebranded to “Dong Bul Ker Productions”. Over the years, they have curated and done a lot of film trainings all across Northern Uganda. Ojok and Okello Odong are some of the pioneer filmmakers in the region and their careers have seen them work in Film, Theatre, TV and Documentary projects all across East Africa. Okello’s journey started an actor in 2011 then later on got into writing, Directing and now an accomplished editor, while his elder brother, Ojok has always been into writing, Directing and Producing all along with little love for being in front of the camera.
In 2018, The Odong Brothers made two amazing short films, “Save A Mother” & “Shame Of Puberty” with Shame Of Puberty going on to be one of the most successful short films from Northern Uganda winning 3 Awards in Uganda, Ghana and United Kingdom plus countless nominations in many international film festivals globally.
They have also done projects for many international agencies and organizations namely, Facebook, Fight For the Forgotten, among others.
On top of heavily investing and mentoring emerging filmmakers in the region, their desire to make films basically boils down to two reasons; to raise awareness and entertain at the same time.
For this year’s Regional Short Film Competition, they made a film called “Home” with collaborations from Signature Films and Benchmark Film.
Currently, they are developing their debut features to be shot later this year and next year respectively.

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