The film tells the story of the last left behind child, named Baby, in Dongfeng primary school in the mountain area. Because his father had died of illness and his mother couldn't take care of herself because of cancer, so her mother sent him to Dongfeng primary school. At that time, Baby's mother had an agreement with the teacher (Mr. Zhang) when she sent her child to Dongfeng primary school: on the day of the baby's birthday next year, she would came to pick up Baby and went back to the county primary school. However, until other students of Dongfeng primary school had all moved to the town for school, Mr. Zhang didn't get the news that Baby’s mother came to pick up the child. For this reason, the teacher was anxious to sleep at night and waited silently and anxiously. After his mother died, Mr. Zhang reluctantly sent the child to the child welfare home in time with the help of the village head under the entrustment of his mother's will.

This film focuses on the responsibility and responsibility of mountain teachers who are not afraid of hardships and seriously educate left behind children. At the same time, from another perspective, it also expounds the life philosophy of "Mountains and rivers may block the way, yet another village will appear amidst willow trees and blooming flowers.".

  • Zongxi Jia
  • Zongxi Jia
  • Gang Deng
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  • Zongxi Jia
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    1 hour 30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    March 1, 2022
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    110,810 USD
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    MP4 1080p
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Director Biography - Zongxi Jia

Zongxi Jia, from Hubei Province, China, has loved playing guitar since childhood. He has studied composition, director and Chinese language and literature. Later on, he learned from Zhou Qiuyu, a famous Chinese educator and senior professor of the Central Academy of drama, about basic theory of systematic vocal music, performance and director. He is known as an artist integrating director, screenwriter, poet, composer and producer.

All the music of the film directed by Xidao is created by himself. His vision is to create and produce first-class handmade films, aiming at fine intentions to move the audience.

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Director Statement

Hello, I'm the director of this film.

The film Home tells the life and learning story of left-behind-children in mountainous areas in China. Through film shooting and production, it aims to appeal to everyone to care for the left-behind-children in mountainous areas and carry forward the responsibility and selfless dedication of teachers in mountainous areas.