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Hollywood Adjacent

HOLLYWOOD ADJACENT is a smart dramedy about a thirty-something, upper middle-class wife and mother, Sharon Roseman, who risks it all to find her greater purpose in life. Her world includes an ensemble of creative students from all walks of life. Sharon’s journey will take her to film school, sexual discovery, Hollywood greed, innovation, and treachery. With the world entwined in sexual and political revolutions, Sharon is determined to learn what she needs, avoid the potholes of a “traditional Hollywood” career, and enjoy every moment of life to the fullest.
The pilot introduces the audience to the characters and the collective consequences of loss, love, and exploitation. The characters and their stories are told simultaneously. The narrative provided by the protagonist, Sharon, threads the stories through the fabric of her experience and her complex life choices. HOLLYWOOD ADJACENT tells her story, and the story of a group of the people who make up what the film industry is and always was: the relationships of art, money, and people.
The generation of 1972 film students represent the end of the golden era of Hollywood and the beginning of the digital age. The pilot sets the stage for an episodic series jumping decade to decade over six seasons, taking us to 2022 and the state of movie entertainment today, and how the challenge of being relevant, timely and innovative mixes with career dilemmas, trust and teachery, sexual identity, and personal trauma. It is enhanced by an ensemble cast with a range of characters with vastly different life experiences, economic status, and career motivations. The human comedy is played out with tears and humor, love and indifference, and the success and action only Hollywood can offer.
This story is told through the voice of Sharon Roseman reflecting on how she got here, the recent winner of the DGA BEST DIRECTOR award. Sharon struggled with marriage to a batterer husband and three spoiled kids, she found solace with another wealthy housewife as her lesbian love. Her motivation is to tell the story of her life and speak to the hearts of every woman and enter the consciousness of every man.
Sharon's voice over:
“As the many relationships that formed
early fell apart, took new shape, or
started to mature, each of these new
filmmakers were experiencing what
will inform the rest of their careers. “
Film assignments and emerging personal relationships dominate the next 6 months, with successes, lessons learned, and failures with emotional fallout. These are the ingredients that were baked into the futures of each of the characters. Just another day in HOLLYWOOD ADJACENT.

  • Robert Franklin Godwin III
  • Gary Abram Carnow
    Exec. Producer STUDIO ONE FOREVER
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Robert Franklin Godwin III

Robert Godwin brings extensive multi-industry experience to Observatory Media (OM) to locate, develop and produce compelling, creative stories for television, cinema, theatre, and literature. He sees OM as the ideal blend of art with business.

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From the beginning, stories have been the key to our consumption of information, education and entertainment. Picture our ancestors in front of a cave, spellbound by the shaman telling a story. Jump ahead to the invention of writing, books, and the printing press so stories could be shared with a wider audience. And in the last one hundred years, stories appear simultaneously across the world on screens large and small.