Holland Film Festival 2024 is open for submission. The festival accepts all genres and styles as long as they are short. (max 30 min.)
Holland short Film Festival takes place in the beautifull province of Holland We love fresh, new and original films of high quality.

Best short film
Best Music Video
best documentary
best short comedy
best short fiction
Best Action/Adventure
Best Comedy/Romcoms
Best Crime/Suspense
Best Drama
Best Experimental Film
Best Family/Animated
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Best Thriller/Horror

Best short student film, filmmakers first film.

All genres accepted, English subtitles.
Holland Film Festival is organised by Publimix and is sponsored by Public and Private Entities.

Holland Film Festival is held in Bergen, North of Holland, Netherlands.

The Festival is divided into several sections.
- Fiction
- Documentary
- Drama
- Sport
- Music
- Horror/Thriller
- Sciense fiction
- Experimental
- Kids

Kids and students
We invite kids and students to submit their films. We have two categories ( 8 to 12 years and, 12 to 18 ).

All interested in participation must use one of the following platforms:
There is a possibility that the work will be used for non-profit purposes (screenings in schools, cinema experts clubs, etc.)
For any other kind of usage, The Organisation will have to ask for permission.
The materials must be sent to:

Zijl 19 !862HL Bergen Noord Holland

The authors of the selected films will be contacted by the Organisation and will be advised to send the materials requested at moment of selection (photos, texts, dialogue lists…) .
The screening copy of the selected shorts must be sent by the 31 october 2021.
Important note: the screening copy must be in PAL format. The copies sent in NTSC format will not be screened due to technical incompatibilities.
The shipping costs are paid by the Sender, and the Festival will cover the return costs.

The schedule and the programme of the screenings will be specified by the Artistic Direction of the Festival.

Each author is liable for the content of his or her works.
The participants authorize the Festival to use their name and address for all the purposes related to the event. The information in the Entry Form will be published in the catalogue of the Festival and on the Festival’s Website.
The participation in the Festival implies the full understanding of this regulation, and compliance with its terms.