Hold On To The Beautiful

Hold On to the Beautiful Dan Howard 2019

I remember a time
You were strong in your mind
Oh boy! You drove me crazy, but I've got to say
I loved your Steely ways

Now your road is longer
You'll have to be stronger

You've got a will of steel
and you're going to use it
You've got a will of steel
and you'll never lose it
Hold to the Light you feel inside
And you'll defeat your mind
Though your road may wind

You've got a beautiful life
Good friends and the love of your life
Hold On To The Beautiful
when life gets you down
It will keep your feet on the ground

We're not meant to understand
The cross that we must bear

You've got a will of steel
And you're going to make it
You've got a will of steel
And you'll never break it
Follow the Light you feel inside
And you'll defeat your mind
Though your road may wind

Though your road may wind
You've got the strength inside
Though our roads may wind
We've got the strength inside

  • Dan Howard
  • Dan Howard
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  • Length:
    4 minutes 49 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 1, 2019
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Artist Biography

Born into a musical family, Dan was the youngest of five children. His grandparents played music professionally and his father is a very accomplished guitarist, leading Dan to develop a lifelong passion for music and entertainment. After diving passionately into guitar playing as a youth, Dan furthered his post-secondary music studies at the Trebas Institute in Vancouver, B.C.

While in Vancouver, Dan helped form progressive melodic rock outfit, Ivory Tower, with whom he wrote and recorded his first EP. This experience set Dan on a path of writing and recording that continues to this day.

After starting a family, Dan relocated to Medicine Hat, Alberta, where he took a wonderful job at the United Conservatory of Music as a guitar instructor. Dan taught with great success for over 20 years, during which time he continued to hone his live performances in and around Southern Alberta with various bands such as Trinity, Driving Blind, Muleshoe, Tung n Groove and Alter Ego. It was as frontman for Muleshoe that Dan came into his own as a lead vocalist, becoming well-known for his powerful renditions of Hard Rock classics by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and AC/DC. Muleshoe released a full-length album entitled Piles Of Rock, which sold very well and helped land them radio play in Alberta as well as television interviews and performances on CTV Calgary.

Dan Also wrote and recorded a number of singles with the Hard Rocking outfit, Alter Ego, each of which sold very well and had radio play on several stations in Alberta.

In June, 2017, Dan retired from his teaching position. This move ultimately gave him the ability to focus even more on his own music, resulting in developing an in-demand solo acoustic show and the making of his first ever solo album, “From Dark To Light”; a collection of beautifully written, melodic songs that touch on universal issues sung and played straight from the heart. His rich and powerful vocals have been described as a cross between Chris Cornell ( Soundgarden) and Jim Cuddy ( Blue Rodeo). Having just been released in December, 2019, From Dark To Light enjoyed immediate brisk sales and rave reviews, prompting Dan to begin the writing and recording process for a follow-up! More exciting music to come!

Dan Howard is currently looking to expand his audience by performing in other markets and continuing to work on distribution of his recorded works.

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Artist Statement

My song submission, "Hold On To The Beautiful", was written from a very personal place. A close family member was recently diagnosed with Schizophrenia, which turned all our lives upside down. This song of hope was written to not only help us cope, but to provide an uplifting message of hope and success to all those who are struggling, especially with mental issues. It is truly my wish for this song to be heard by everyone! Thank you for this opportunity.