The current Covid 19 pandemic has sacrificed part of the services dedicated to HIV-positive people and complicated access to care, risking to jeopardize the progress achieved in the fight against the virus. The right to health must protect everyone and everyone and prevent one disease from being fought at the expense of another.

The choice of video art is functional to stimulate the production of multimedia and multisensory contents, which are quick to use and above all emotionally engaging.

Registrations open until 30 November 2020, the works will be exhibited at the first HIVID Video Art Festival in the Centocelle district from 11 to 13 December 2020.

The winner will receive a prize of € 1,000.00

Registrations are open until 30 November 2020 and the final event will be held in Rome from 11 to 13 December in the Centocelle district; the works will be exhibited along an itinerary that will see the participation of local realities.

1. To participate in the competition each artist must:

- Fill in the online registration form

2. Documentation Required:
For the purposes of the pre-selection, video artists as single artist or collective (hereinafter referred to as artists) must send to the email address
- Youtube or Vimeo link of the video to be submitted to the competition,
- link to your website or facebook page,
- a presentation text of the project in .doc format (max one folder) with a brief biographical note of the author.

3. All admitted works must be strictly original, under penalty of exclusion from the competition. Each participant guarantees the actual authorship of the work.

4. The author also guarantees that no rights of any kind are imposed on the work presented in favor of third parties. Competitors therefore assume all responsibility with respect to the project in relation to any infringement of copyright belonging to third parties, undertaking to hold the Organizing Body and Organization harmless.

5. Artists of any nationality and aged between 18 and 90 can participate in the event.

6. In order to guarantee a high quality level, the Organization reserves the right to make a first selection on the basis of the material received.

7. Under no circumstances will works that have intolerant / offensive contents of a religious, social, political, racial, sexual nature, at the exclusive and final judgment of the Organization, be accepted.

8. The competition is provided with a popular jury and a quality jury. Any specifications will be posted on the website

9. The prizes will be published on the website

10. The advertising of the competition will be addressed on the main social networks and on the major portals and newspapers of art and entertainment information, guaranteeing the participating artists the greatest possible visibility.

11. The Organization is not responsible for damage or loss of the works and in the locations of the events.

12. Technical Specifications

- Video art and experimental animations are allowed
- The minimum length of the videos will have to be 1 minute and can reach a maximum of 30 minutes.

Overall Rating
  • Very Good and of nice quality

    February 2021
  • Bruno Palma

    Nice competition and great atmosphere!

    January 2021
  • Mostafa Mehraban

    Thank you for your good group
    I am happy to be at the Hivid Against Stigma Film Festival with the short film "The Blessing Plaque"

    January 2021
  • It was Good Fest.
    Keep it coming more...

    December 2020
  • Nüman Noomén

    It was an honor for my film to be in Roma Italy "molto grazie "

    December 2020