Historical backstage of Ukraine. Hryhorii Skovoroda

Historical backstage of Ukraine. "The whole world is asleep, it's time to wake up!" (Hryhorii Skovoroda)

Despite the difficult times, we continue to cherish and talk about our main people, how has made a great impact on our cultural heritage. Ukrainian philosopher-mystic, theologian, poet, teacher, traveler, and composer of liturgical music - Hryhorii Savovych Skovoroda.. А sculpture of Skovoroda decorates one of Kyiv's squares.
Skovoroda's ideas, are they relevant today?
How did a village boy impress the whole world with his talents and reach philosophical heights?
What for do Ukrainian artists appreciate the work of Hryhorii Savovych?
Was Skovoroda a visionary?
And also - was there love in his life?
Our Ukrainian genius has absorbed many secrets.
It is well known that Skovoroda was a multi-talented person. This is a diverse talent. He is a philosopher, also a musician, also a poet and a composer...
Over the years of his life, Skovoroda managed to become quite famous. They say that Skovoroda had the gift of augury and predicted the cholera and his own death.
Despite the fact that Hryhorii Savovych known for his absolutely indifferent attitude towards the female sex, there are rumors that there was still love in his life. However, at the last moment, Hryhorii unexpectedly decided to give up his love.
The figure of Skovoroda is surrounded by myths and mysteries. For example, what did he really look like? After all, these images, portraits and sculptures of him are only a hypothesis.
Pupils of the «UN-PRESS» Information and Creative Agency, Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth
Script writer - Alyona Zakharchuk
Director - Lyudmila Tomashpolska
Operators - Oleksandr Gayovy, Lyudmila Tomashpolska
Editing and design - Oleksandr Gayovy
They took part in the filming:
Oles Sanin- he is a film director, actor, musician, Distinguished Artist of Ukraine
Nina Matvienko- she is a singer, actress, National artist of Ukraine
Taras Kompanichenko- musician, kobzar, leader of the band "Chorea Kozacky"
Mykola Tovkailo- musician, kobzar, archaeologist, the candidate of historical sciences
Kostyantyn Chechenya- musician, head of the Ensemble of the Ancient Music, Distinguished Artist of Ukraine
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  • Alina Lyubko
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  • Oleksandr Gayovy
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  • Eva Chernova
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  • Luydmila Тomashpolska
  • Оksana Dobrovolska
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Історичний бекстейдж України. Григорій Сковорода
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Short
  • Runtime:
    27 minutes 50 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 15, 2023
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    500 USD
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    Black & White and Color
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Director - Luydmila Тomashpolska