Private Project

His Silent Life

Ebi has always wanted to watch a movie in a theater hall completely, but his bladder problem has always made him to rush for the toilet, in less than 10 minutes. His favorite theater hall has planned to show Chaplin movies and Ebi needs to fix his problem.

  • Dorsa Moayedi
  • Dorsa Moayedi
  • Ahmad Siahrostami
  • Shahin Mohamadi Zarghan
    Key Cast
  • Amir Foroughi
    Key Cast
  • Saeed Safaei
    Key Cast
  • Hooman Forghani
    Key Cast
  • Ahmad Mokari
    Director Of Photography
  • Mahmoud Nouri
  • Hadi Beheshti
  • Iman Norouzpour
  • Ahmad Siahrostami
    Director’s Assistant
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    زندگی صامت او
  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Drama, Fiction
  • Runtime:
    14 minutes 48 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 10, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    500 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Country of Filming:
    Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Distribution Information
  • Shahab Farajollahi
    Country: Worldwide
    Rights: All Rights
  • Mohsen Farajollahi
    Country: Worldwide
    Rights: All Rights
Director Biography - Dorsa Moayedi

Dorsa Moayedi was born in November 1986 in Tehran. She was an only child in a rather elderly family and she had the knack for imagination and storytelling. As a child, she used to narrate imaginary stories about people and things, which could become irritating for the family, so she invented another way to pour out her desire for stories, she started to talk to everything she saw, from her dolls and clothes to her father’s car and the refrigerator. Everything had a proper name and she personified everything in her mind. This power of imagination enabled her to become a perfect narrator for family and friends. She used to read books and go to the cinema and watch movies at the age of 7 and outside the theater hall she became a narrator of the movie and gradually she started to play the role of every character (in the book or the film) in order to enable her audience to fully grasp the story. As you may have noticed, she was also a careful listener and viewer. She never had an interest in spending time with her peers, on the other hand, she enjoyed being with grown-ups because they for sure had stories for a little girl with a thirst to hear and record. Turning 18 she decided to study English language and Literature, though her father was strongly against the decision, she continued her studies to master’s degree at Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus, where she came across lots of foreigners who had lives and cuisines to teach her. The master’s degree had so many things to offer to her, living in a country far from her family made her more independent and when she decided to continue her studies in Film studies, new paths were opening before her. She received a full scholarship from the University of Utrecht in Nederland and was planning to fly to Europe when the sanctions against Iran were put into action and the University of Utrecht had to withdraw the admissions. So she had to change plans to fly back to Tehran and seek her way to movies on another road. So she decided to study theater and cinema, therefore she attended some theater schools such as Karnameh Art and Cultural Institute and was trained as an actress and dramaturge. Then she participated in the university entrance exam for the third time and got accepted in master’s of art and cinema. It could be said that the girl who sought to retell stories, found her way through the lens.


His silent life, Short Film(2020), Director and Scriptwriter
Exitless, (2020), Writer and Cinematographer
Sun and Moon, a play (2020), Writer
Overseas, Short Film (2019), Director and scriptwriter
Whiteness of Dark life, Short Film (2018), Script Writer
No one sees me on the street,(2018), Actress
Restlessness, (2017), Scriptwriter
Noura, (2016 ), Actress
Rhino, (2016), Actress
These people and their cigarettes, ( 2015), Writer, Actress
Cooling, (2014), Actress and director’s assistant

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Director Statement

I love listening. Listening for me is not just a thing that ears can do, it is an act done with your whole body. I have this habit of touching everything and from the time I discovered yoga, which is like 10 years ago I have mastered my ability to listen. I guess all the things we can find in this world, have a story, therefore all we have to do is to listen carefully to hear it. I also play this game for myself to anticipate what is going to come next in any story I hear. When I come across people and things and there is a story with them, I try to fill in the gaps, I listen to their tone and simultaneously I guess what comes next. I had a grandmother, to whom I was so close, as a child I used to stay with her for days and listen to the stories of her life, she had an obsession for losing weight and doctors had given her various diets and exercises, we used to go for a long walk together and she never broke her diet or the routine for walks. The sad thing about her was that everyone including me, thought that this routine was for the best, but it wasn’t. She lost weight but along with that her body was dehydrated and so her organs started to shut down one by one, she went into a coma and in 10 days she died, cause of death lack of water and kidney failure. Her death taught me never to give up water. Years later, I faced the kidney problem in a different way. I had become an actress and I played in many plays, but my father was never able to come to my shows. I had to retell the story of the play and perform my part at home for him but this little shows at home were never whole and therefore never entertaining. As he had to go to the bathroom and reveal himself every ten minutes. We could not go on any trip as he was never able to hold his urine up to fifteen minutes. I had tried to take him to doctors, but they always had one explanation, kidney hyperactivity, which can never be cured, controlled maybe with some pills but never cured. I watched him suffer and I longed to see him in the theater hall where I had a performance. This dream never came true. I lost him and this wish to see his smile glimmer in the dark when I was on the stage, died with him. I tried to bring to life my father’s experience and also my own experience, the suffering that we both went through, and the loneliness that the situation brought for us. I was always wondering what would happen if he could come and watch my performance and he was always waiting for me to go back home and retell the show.