Qhispikay collective presents To all the neighbors, to all the brothers, good night. We are the Qhispikay Libertad collective with all this making known a little of what our roots are and showing how our culture can be rescued by making a little art. (music in native Peruvian Andean language "Quechua") (let's wake up the automaton, they control your mind, your body and your dreams, catholicizing nations is their goal, it's not a point of view, being soés does not accompany my snacks, we marry pigeons to feed cholo suburbs ( Andean) decrepit, advances without delusions, navigating these uncertain paths, dawns of cold, beings invoking hunger for these ships, it is obvious that the Indians were born without God, much gala and fallacy in this globe say perfect creation but look at what We have converted the Quechua is one but they changed us, they looted the gold they shit our land seeds customs lineages the "Quechuinglis" races for wanting to Catholicize if you are not up to date with your offerings God is not going to help you, we no longer have andes, you contaminate the planet and you go to Mars, the great Amazon no longer exists nor my Andes) this is the Rich plot B, this is the Rich plot B, what is the solution little brothers ART AND CULTURE. It would be good for schools to teach Quechua but they don't do it, which is what we are here to bring to the neighborhoods. If I tell you Qhispikay, you tell me freedom. Qhispikay!! Freedom!!

  • Diego diálogo Armando Baldeon Melgarejo
  • Cristian el indio Espinoza Sánchez
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    Hip hop en quechua y activismo Barrial
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    Hip Hop
  • Length:
    4 minutes 11 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 11, 2018
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