HIGHLAND PARK INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL (HPIFF) fosters emerging and established filmmakers by providing forums for screening projects, networking with industry professionals and mentoring student filmmakers in Northeast Los Angeles. All films will screen at the historic Highland Theatre on a DCP system.

All filmmakers will be competing for two prestigious awards: Best Cinematography and Best Musical Composition. Other awards include: Best Feature, Best Short, Best Feat Doc, Best Short Doc, & Audience Choice - Best Short

- Submissions are open to all filmmakers, topics, and genres. Features are films 60 minutes and up. Shorts are films under 45 minutes.
- Regular deadline submission date is Monday 7/5/21 with a fee of $50 features / $45 student (w/ valid ID); $30 shorts / $25 student (w/ valid ID).
- Final deadline submission date is Monday 8/9/21 with a fee of $55 features / $50 student (w/ valid ID); $35 shorts / $30 student (w/ valid ID).
- Filmmakers can submit more than 1 film.
- If selected exhibition will be through our DCP system. Please provide us with a DCP presentation file and a Pro Res 422 Quicktime back up file. Files must be delivered on a Mac-compatible external hard drive or flash drive and must be received NO LATER than Monday 9/13/21.
- Questions? Email: info@hpifilmfest.com

Overall Rating
  • Fantastic festival experience. They had so many fun events for those selected in the fest and those coming as fans. The screenings were done in top notch movie theaters.

    The organizers were amazing and made all participants feel welcome. There were several special events throughout the week. At a few events we even got to hob knob with some big time writer/directors in the film world.

    If you live in Southern California this festival is an absolute no brainer. And if you don't, it's well worth the trek. Cool neighborhood and unfettered access to the festival experience. Outside of an expensive prestige festival it's tough to find a more fulfilling festival experience.

    January 2021
  • Anna Tes

    HPIFF was fantastic. The fact that they were able to put together a drive-in experience during Covid times was an accomplishment in itself! I feel so lucky to have been invited to screen my short amongst a group of other talented filmmakers. Hearing folks shine high beams and honk horns for everyone was so fun!

    November 2020
  • I am truly honored that our film “The Fixer” had its Southern California Premiere at the 2020 Highland Park Independent Film Festival. When other festivals cancelled, postponed, or went virtual due to the Covid pandemic, HPIFF stayed true to its roots as a local community festival in the heart of Northeast Los Angeles.

    My ultimate respect goes to Co-Founders Alessandro Gentile and Marita De La Torre, along with the entire festival team, for their relentless resolve and commitment to keep the HPIFF community spirit alive by delivering such an awesome in-person two-night drive-in film festival experience.

    It was wonderful to be surrounded by friends, family, and fellow cinephiles watching our film “The Fixer” along with 21 carefully curated, exceptional shorts as the graced the BIG SCREEN under a full moon over two nights on the top deck of Eagle Rock Plaza.

    October 2020
  • Faith Strongheart

    Great communication and wonderfully sincere festival in a great location. My short was programmed with some very powerful shorts by other female filmmakers. I hope this festival continues to grow and get more of an audience. They deserve it!

    June 2020
  • Stephanie Willis

    I wasn't personally able to attend the festival, but the members of the film's cast and crew did and they enjoyed the festival and the historic venue. The process of getting media and general materials to the festival was a bit challenging. The emails we were instructed to send things to had maxed out its storage limit, so it was confusing whether your emails actually were received.

    January 2020