The idea of creating a sport film festival in Croatia was born out of desire to establish a well-executed film, cultural and sport media event, which would be complemented by panel discussions and a sports photography retrospective. The Festival’s mission is to further promote sport and athletes, to foster networking and meetings between people from the world of sport and business. Zadar was chosen as the location for the Festival because it is one of Croatia’s premier tourist destinations, and tourism and sports are what Croatia is best known for in the world.

ARTICLE 1. General regulations

The High 5 Sport Film and Media Festival (the “Festival”) will be held in Zadar with the official segment of the Festival taking place at the Hotel Falkensteiner in Petrčane. The public segment will take place at the Arsenal from April 26, 2016 to April 30, 2016 and aims to introduce Croatian audiences to world-renowned authors of sports documentaries, encourage creative gatherings of international and local film artists, and contribute to the development of the film industry and culture in Croatia

ARTICLE 2. Program and submission requirements

The competition segment of the High 5 Sport Film and Media Festival will present an international selection of works in the following categories:

– Sports documentary feature length film;

– Short documentary sports film;

– Sports biography film;

– Sport related commercials;

– Special achievements in sports production, film and TV (feature, event).

The submission deadline for the competition program is March 31, 2016. Upon submitting an online application, and in the event that an online screener is not provided in the application, the DVD screener of the film in the original language together with English subtitles (PAL format) should be sent to the following address:

Kačićeva 6a
10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

All films, including films produced in Croatia, must have English subtitles.

ARTICLE 3. Selection and screenings

The selection panel will choose five films in each category of the competition program. Each of the selected films will be screened up to three times during the Festival. All selected films will be screened in their original version with Croatian subtitles. After the Festival’s selection panel has viewed all of the films and made a final selection, the Festival organizers will notify the authors of the decision via a letter of invitation, to be sent by April 5, 2016.

Films that promote racism or any other form of intolerance, or feature pornographic material shall not be taken into consideration by the selection panel.

ARTICLE 4. Jury and Awards

The international jury for the competition program of feature films will consist of at least three film professionals and will present the winner with the Zadar Grand Prix award.

ARTICLE 5. Press materials

The Festival requires all selected authors to provide press material for their films.

The material should, at minimum, contain the following:

-At least 3 high resolution stills from the film;
-A photo of the director;
-A film synopsis;
-A text containing information about the production;
-A dialogue list (in English and in the film’s original language);
-The list of festivals attended and awards received, as applicable, and/or other relevant information that can be used for the promotion of the film.

By providing the materials, the producer or director authorizes the Festival to use and publish all listed materials in the Festival’s catalogue, and authorizes it to use the materials, including up to three minutes of the film, in print media and on TV for the purpose of promoting the Festival in the media.

ARTICLE 6. Transport and copy

All screening materials of feature and short films should arrive to the Festival’s address by March 31, 2016. Any extensions of this deadline must be approved in writing prior to deadline. All non-English films must have English subtitles.

Screening materials should be provided in an envelope or parcel containing the following marking: “No commercial value, for cultural use only.” Copies of each film will be returned no later than two weeks following the Festival’s closing unless otherwise stipulated with the distributor or producer.

The Festival’s selection panel reserves the right to reject any film copies due to low technical quality.

ARTICLE 7. Guests of the Festival

Directors whose films have been selected for the competition program are invited to the Festival and will be contacted by the Festival’s hospitality office.

ARTICLE 8. Archive copies

DVD screeners of the submitted films will be archived for the purpose of documentation. Any commercial use of the archived materials is strongly forbidden.

ARTICLE 9. Final provisions

The Regulations are written in Croatian and in English. In case of ambiguities in the interpretation of the text, the Croatian version will control. Issues that are not expressly included in the Regulations will be determined by Festival organizers in compliance with the generally established Regulations. All Festival participants must abide by these Regulations. Any disputes arising out of or connected to these Regulations or participation in the Festival fall exclusively within the jurisdiction of the competent court in Zagreb.

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